Bedroom bombshell or blah?

If you are just a wee little quiz taker (and I mean this sweetly) like under 18, then please don't take this quiz. This is for people who would like to know just where they stand in the bedroom. Are you a 'bombshell,' or a 'blah?'

Find out if you scare people with your over eager style, are comfy and middle of the road - with perhaps room for improvement, or if you would rather watch Daytime TV then see what's going on around the sheets.

Created by: Candm
  1. You think girl on top is...
  2. Your favorite section in Cosmo is..
  3. Would you ever go to an 'adult' store?
  4. How many times a week do you partake in (non-sleeping) bedroom time?
  5. Do you partake in foreplay?
  6. Who usually starts the fun?
  7. Do you role play?
  8. Do you experiment in new places or locations?
  9. How often do you try something new?
  10. You would say you are a bedroom...

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