How much of a fanguy/girl are you

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There are many people who like shows books movies blah blah blah but are you a TRUE and truly insane fanfiction writing, sometimes extremly annoying fanguy/girl? Find out here!!!!!!

This test suplies senarios and questions to see how much of a fan-person you are. If you like this quiz-like-thingy please I would love to know and if you want some changes let me know too! Thanks and enjoy!!!

Created by: Jazzie
  1. If you find a book/TVshow/WHATEVER you really like and *gasp* there is only one book/season WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?
  2. You are talking to a friend and bring up your FAV FANDOM EVAH and they say 'ya I gave it a try and didn't like it.' What do u do?
  3. Okay lets say ur talking to a friend and they go, hey do you like *insert ur FAV fandom*
  4. Do these words trigger anything? I only watched the movie
  5. When you really get into something you would:
  6. Do you read fanfic?
  7. How many fandoms are you into?
  8. If you are into a let's podcast, and you meet someone who's FAV CHARECTER IS YOUR LEAST what would you do?
  9. How much diversaty is in ur fandoms?
  10. And last question, this doesnt count for anything Did you enhoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much of a fanguy/girl am I