How do the guys see you as?

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So you must be hanging around with some guys or there might be someone whom you like...... Aww come on we all have crushes. Lets see what do they think of you?

Are you the sensitive girl they trust or the funny girl they love to be around or the charming girl they are head over heels for Be sure to leave a comments. Thanks :)

Created by: Destiny
  1. Describe yourself in one word
  2. Your bestie got dumped by her boyfriend again. How do you help her?
  3. Your ideal date
  4. Its a snazzy costume party. How do you go as?
  5. What would you say to your guy who seems to be in distress ?
  6. You can say a guy is in love with you if he...
  7. What is the best topic to start a conversation with a guy
  8. A guy can love you if...
  9. What profession is most likely your future?
  10. So how was the quiz. It was my first quiz here. Please don't hate...
  11. Did you know the last question actually did matter for your results... Anyways.. take care bye :)

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