You think you know me?

Well, i've often wondered how much my friends really know me, how many of my deep dark secrets can they actually repeat? Who are the ones that actually listen to what I am saying when i am speaking.

Are you one of these friends? Are you someone i can trust, can tell all my secrets to, who have shared hilarious moments with me and can live to tell the tale? Well....lets find out shall we?....

Created by: sam of this site
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  1. What is my middle name?
  2. Why is my nickname giggles?
  3. What is my favourite Disney film?
  4. What is my obsession with lettuces?
  5. Which artist do I NOT like?
  6. What is my favourite genre of music?
  7. What is the most embarassing thing that i have done in recent months?
  8. Where was my first holiday that i went with my friends?
  9. What song did me and my friend bang heads to?
  10. What is my natural hair colour?
  11. What colour are my eyes?
  12. What type of instrument do I play?
  13. Which fancy dress outfit do i most want to do?
  14. Name a place where i would like to be close to someone
  15. What type of date would i most prefer?
  16. Name something you like about me

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