Falling in Love (part 2)

You're a new student at a boarding school. Your name, Riley, can be for both genders. And guess what? They put you in a guys room by accident. You are stuck in a room with 5 guys for who knows how long. At least they are all hot...and all falling for you. Since you are starting the year late, prom isn't that far away. By then you must choose 1 guy to be your date. Which one will it be? Max(the funny one), Bryan(the jock), Nathan(the shy guy) , Jayden (the sporty one), or Logan (the bad boy)?

This is the second of a series of quizzes. RECAP: In the last quiz, you were given a tour by the guys. They started arguing, so you and Nathan broke off. He took you to his favorite spot on campus: a garden. He admits he is in love with you and kisses you. The other boys walk in on you at this point. They aren't pleased. You end up going to the room with Logan, because the other guys are busy. You make out at the end and totally lose track of time. The guys return extremely angry. Things don't look too good...

Created by: Maggs
  1. You gasp. Time seems to stop for what feels like an eternity. Everyone is frozen for a second, the longest second of your life. Then, of course, Logan gives that cocky smirk. That pushes Bryans limit. He charges at Logan and wrestles him to the ground. Max and Jayden are right behind him. "Stop it!" you scream. They don't listen to you. You can't believe they're fighting over you. Someone was going to get hurt. Nathan stands there and doesn't intervene. You suppose he is too mad at Logan to stop the fighting, and not the type to beat Logan up himself. You continue to screech on the top of your lungs.
  2. You try to tell Nathan to get them off of Logan. He looks up at you, and you catch his eye. As silly as it seem while the boys are fighting, just for a moment, you are completely lost in his eyes. You smile half-heartedly, but he doesn't smile back. He pauses for a moment, and then sighs. He attempts to pull the guys off of Logan. He only manages to get Bryan off. He was doing the most damage. Then, you hear someone angrily knocking on the door demanding to get in. Here comes trouble...
  3. Just like before, time slows down and you all freeze. "Open this door immediatly!" a voice screams. You're all shaken at this point, but manage to get to the door. With shaking fingers, you unlock the door. The dorm advisor bursts through. "What is going on in here?! Yelling! Fighting! You better have a good explanation. No one says anything. "Well? I'm waiting," the dorm advisor continues. "I-it's my fa-ul-lt." you manage to stutter. The boys begin to protest simataneously. You silence them with a glare. "I'm sorry. It's my fault they were fighting." She raises her eyebrows skeptically. "How so?" "Well" you gulp. "It's not her fault!" Bryan butts in. "I attacked the other guys. I lost my temper...they were just defending themselves. Riley was just trying to get the fighting to stop." You stare at him in surprise. He not only took the blame for you, but for the other guys too.
  4. "Well, then, Bryan." the dorm advisor said. "Come with me. The rest of you boys look like you need a trip to the nurse." You look at the guys, and gasp. Only now, you realized that they guys were pretty beat up. You walk with the guys to the nurse. None of them really say much. The silence is both piercing and awkward at the same time. It turns out that Max has a broken wrist, Nathan chipped a tooth, Logan has a black eye and a dislocated shoulder, and Jayden had a bloody nose. All of them are covered in bruises. It could be worse, but you still feel horribly guilty. You wonder how Logan still keeps the confident smirk on his face. Bryan isn't as bad as the other guys, but the truckload of trouble he's sure to be in probably makes up for his lack of injuries.
  5. The week goes by slowly and awkwardly. Bryan is being forced to do community service around campus. The silence never seems to end. It is pure torture... A couple days later, you walk into your room, and for once the guys aren't completely ignoring each other. You immediatley become suspicious. "We worked this whole 'all liking you at the same time thing' out." announces Jayden. "So here's the deal.." Bryan tells you. "We're going to share you. None of us can get mad at each other for making out with you or whatever." "Do I get a say in this? What if I don't like being shared?" you interject. "Of course you get a say," Nathan tells you. "Is this arrangement ok?"
  6. You say OK, even if that's not what you feel on the inside. You are skeptical the guys can do this though. Logan can tell, "To prove we aren't going to get mad, how about I kiss you?" He smirks and leans into you. "I wouldn't push my luck so much," you tell him. "Let's take it slow." "I agree," says Max. "There's a party tonight. How 'bout we all go?" Everyone nods. This should be interesting...
  7. (Later that night) You look around. The dance is AMAZING! The guys don't seem as impressed. Are dances around here always this good? The dances back where you lived were lame. It seems like everyone on campus is here. "Come on, Riley!" Jayden says. "Dance with me!" He pulls you onto the dancefloor. You have to admit that he dances pretty well. "Hey Jayden," that cheerleader that you saw your first day says. "Hey Claire!" he says surprised by her sudden appearance "Riley, this is Claire. She's the head cheerleader and a good friend of all us guys." "Hi Claire," you greet her politely. Her tone and actions are kind of flirty. "Hey, " she smiles, but she makes you feel edgy. "Do you want to dance Jayden?" Yup, definitely flirting. "Umm.." he hesitates. But Bryan calls you over then.."Sure!"
  8. Bryan pulls you over. "You want a drink?" he asks. You nod. You walk over to the refreshments. He puts his arm around you. You grab a cup of punch. "You look sexy tonight. " he compliments you. "Thanks," you tell him. "So do you." He smiles at that. "Do you know that Claire girl? What's up with her?" "Oh.." he hesitates. It makes you suspicious. "She's a good friend of all of us. She's really nice." He doesn't seem to want to say much about her. Then, again, out of nowhere, Claire appeared. "Hey sexy!" she says to Bryan. You are furious. She keeps on butting in. "Do you mind if I talk to Riley for one second?" He shakes his head no and leaves you alone. Her fake smile disappears. "Ok, listen up! Those boys are mine. You better keep your hands off of all of them." "Make me," you refuse angrily. She rolls her eyes like you're pathetic. Ugh! She makes you so angry. "Hey Bryan!" she singsongs turning her back to you. She begins flirting with him. You see Max waving you over.
  9. "Hey" you say. He's among a huge group of kids. You recognize most of them. Everyone is laughing like crazy. "Hey Riley," he introduces you. "These are my peeps." He jokes around a lot. Everyone is cracking up including you. You can't help it; he's ridiculously funny. "Hey there, Max!" UGH! Claire again. She throws herself all over Max. You clear your throat. "Oh...hi RIley! I didn't see you there!" You know she saw you. She's getting really annoying. Nathan's waving you over now. He looks out of place so you say goodbye and go over to him.
  10. "Hi Riley," Nathan smiles with his adorable dimples. "Hey," you say. "This isn't really your scene, is it?" He shakes his head. "Why you here then?" He looks at you with raised eyebrows as if the answer was obvious. "You think I would let you be here with all the other guys but me? The competition for your heart is too tough to make a mistake like that...I want you to know I truly love you though." His eyes get really soft then. You are momentarily dazzled. He seems to have that effect on you. You lean in to kiss him. It was a perfect moment and then...you guessed it. Claire comes. "Hey guys!" she says with a fake smile. She completely occupies Nathan's attention. You sigh. Logan catches your eye and waves you over.
  11. "Hey sexy!" Logan mumbles. He pulls you into his arms and immediatly starts making out with you. Not much of a surprise... After a while, you pull away, "Do you know Claire?" you ask him. "Yeah," Logan tells you. "Yeah, I was hanging out with her before. She's almost as hot as you." He grins. You smile back unconvincingly . "Excuse me" you whisper. You feel out of it. "I need to use the bathroom."
  12. After you come out, you see Claire...making out with a guy!!!! Is it one of your guys?
  13. Sorry this quiz took so long! I had exams, tryouts, projects, etc. Really sorry! When its summer, the quizzes will come out quicker. Please comment with compliments, insults, suggestions, etc. SOOO...who do you like?

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