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Welcome, New Mutants! If you want to graduate to X-Men, you're going to have to pass a history test. We can't have any noobs messing up the facts on any important missions.

Alright, and when the exam is over we'll be having a graduation party for those who passed in the Danger Room. We're thinking Vegas with some flair, maybe a dance party. Have you ever seen Logan do the Charleston?

Created by: J Derrick Unger

  1. In the comics, who wasn't an original member of the X-Men?
  2. Who wasn't an original member of the X-Men in the movies?
  3. Which X-Men member wasn't also a member of the Avengers?
  4. Bobby Drake is the secret identity of whom?
  5. How did Beast turn blue?
  6. What color is Jean Grey's hair?
  7. Which X-Men character was a solo vigilante before joining the X-Men?
  8. Who hasn't Professor X been romantically linked to?
  9. Who was the sixth member of the X-Men?
  10. Who has had the name Magnetrix?
  11. Morph is a cartoon version of which character?
  12. Who is not a Summers brother?
  13. Who is not a genetic match?
  14. Who was not killed in the attack on Krakoa that left the whole team dead and needing to be replaced?
  15. Who died by destroying Nefaria's plane in mid-air?
  16. Nightcrawler is from which country?
  17. Who is Collosus' sister?
  18. Sabretooth has a habit of attacking Wolverine on which holiday?
  19. Who of the following is not genetically identical except for gender?
  20. Banshee is from what country?
  21. Storm has which psychological illness?
  22. Sunfire is from which country?
  23. What isn't one of Collosus' powers while transformed?
  24. What's the name of Shadowcat's dragon companion?
  25. From whom did Rogue steal her powers, lasting for many years?
  26. Which is not a code name Rachel Summers has used?
  27. Where does Longshot come from?
  28. With whom did Psylocke swap bodies?
  29. What is Dazzler's real name?
  30. Whom has Storm been romantically linked to?
  31. Who arranged the Trial of Gambit?
  32. What is Jubilee's first name?
  33. Where is Bishop from?
  34. Who is Cannonball's sister?
  35. What was the name of Magneto's clone?
  36. With member of the X-Men is also a capable medical doctor?
  37. Which cartoon X-Men member had powers based on Marrow's?
  38. Whose powers were fixed by Magneto prior to joining the team?
  39. Who was Xorn?
  40. Who is En Sabah Nur?
  41. How are Charles Xavier and the Juggernaut related?
  42. Which member of the X-Men is gay?
  43. Who was not a member off the X-Men?
  44. Who helped the X-Men with transportation while the team was in Australia?
  45. Wolverine was originally a villain fighting against whom?
  46. What is the street the X-Mansion is on?
  47. Where did Magneto not have a base?
  48. What is the name of Apocalypse's sentient ship?
  49. Who built Apocalypse's ship?
  50. Who is the oldest and likely first mutant?

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