Would i date you? ( not accurate and not exactly real lol)

Hey guys! So, you're probably wondering.... Why in the firetruck did you make this!?! So, the truth is, no, I'm not on here just randomly looking for love lolololol. Nah, actually, I'm using this whole thing for a new series I'll be making.

The series will be about a 17 year old girl, who suffers from peer pressure and uses the internet to meet new people. She suddenly connects with this one 'guy' who wants to meet her. She agrees and they meet up and let's just say.... It's not what she expected.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. First question: When looking for a person to date, what is their most important quality?
  2. Number two: what's your gender? ( I forgot to ask lol)
  3. Number three: What color is your hair?
  4. Number four: What color are your eyes?
  5. Number five: What's your personality like?
  6. Number six: What are your hobbies?
  7. Number seven: Can you put up with people who go through depression/ committing self harm?
  8. Number eight: If we decided to go out on a date, where would we go?
  9. Number nine: do you consider yourself a romantic or are you more of a loner?
  10. Number ten: What type of TV shows do you like?
  11. Number eleven: My description: 5'10, Brunette/ black hair that reaches down to my elbows, grey/ steel colored eyes, tan skin, 105 pounds, and my age is around 15-18.
  12. Number twelve: Do you like reading or writing better?
  13. Number thirteen: how many languages can you speak?
  14. Number fourteen: do you like cats or do you prefer dogs?
  15. Number fifteen: Do you prefer a girl who can hang out with guys and get along with them well (aka a tomboy) or do you like a girl who prefers girly activities and doesn't like doing what your friends do?
  16. So.... That's it lol. Make sure to put in the comments what you got, I'm using the results to help me with my new series I'll be making.

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