They Love Me Part 6

This is part 6 of the series "They Love Me" me and my cousin try making these every day or so and we hope you like the series(: oh and any suggestions to make this quiz better is appreciated;D

Dakota has dark brown hair,gray eyes,and is charming. Matt has dark brown eyes,black hair,and is sensitive. Jared has dirty blonde hair,ocean-blue eyes, and can make you laugh any time, Nick has brown hair,hazel eyes,and is sweet. Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights,green eyes,and is caring(:

Created by: Dannica&KarenIsWhatsup
  1. June was screaming and screaming and screaming until she fell to the floor. She was still alive but she was struggling to breathe. Matt then runs over to June and puts her head on his lap. Still wondering what happened you look around the room and you see a lady dressed in a very dark purple dress. You"re thoughts are then interrupted when Matt yelled at the top of his lungs,"What did you do to her Arianne?!?!?!!!!!" The lady you saw before smiled and said,"Why do you care? She doesn't love you anymore. And now that she's almost dead, I can have her powers." ;
  2. "Well I'm not going to let her die." Says Matt as he morphs into his snake form. Arianne wickedly smiles and says,"We'll see about that. After I get June's power, I'll be back for _____." Pointing at you. Arianne then burst into a white mist and flew through the ceiling. ;
  3. Dakota,Nick,Taylor, and Jared huddled around Matt and June looking exhausted from all the fighting. You nervously walk over to see what was happening. You see June barely breathing and Matt crying with her head still on his lap. The other boys decide to give them some space and Dakota says to you ,"You might want to leave the two of them alone." You whisper back to him,"Can't Nick heal her?" He replied ,"He can only heal good, not evil. And besides, what Arianne did to her is like someone choking you. Its unhealable." You stay silent with sympathy and Dakota walks out the door followed by the others.;;
  4. You Start walking out the door when you hear Matt say,"You can stay." He's still crying a little. You walk over to June and Matt and stay silent. "Hang in there..." You hear Matt say to June trying to bear a small smile. "I'm dying Matt. You can't save me." She struggles saying. She then looks at you and says,"I'm sorry about everything.." She then weakly waves a hand over the broken windows and all the broken glass went back to its place.
  5. "It's ok" you whisper back. June then starts screaming again and Matt started hugging her tighter. "M-M-Matt?" June says barely getting the words out. "Yes?" Max asks. "I-I always loved you..." She said with another loud scream. You started crying along with Matt and June and Matt said to June,"You'll always be in my heart... I love you. Don't go." "Be careful..." June said and then she was gone.;
  6. You hold Matt's hand trying to comfort him. He looked at you with a small smile and said,"Thanks_____. Its getting late, you should go up to bed." You go upstairs yawning but feeling REALLY bad for Matt&June. You're soo lost in your thoughts that you accidentally go into someone else's room;;
  7. It was Taylor's room. He was rocking out to the song "Last of the American Girls" by Greenday(That was for you CoolMe3!) He turns down the volume and say"hey". You say back,"Hey? HEY!? One of your bestfriend's love of his life just died and your listening to music acting all casual saying hey???" "Oh. Sorry." He says with a sigh. "I'm sorry I snapped like that. Its just not fair. They admit that they still love eachother and now June is the way she fixed the windows." You say. "I know. I found out your powers..." He says with a small smile. ;;
  8. "Oooooh what are they?!?" You ask excitedly. "You have 3 but they're not fully developed so you may be getting more in the future. The 1st one is invisibility. The 2nd one is orbing. And the 3rd one is being able to freeze time but only for 3-5 minutes. Training starts tomorrow after June's funeral." He says. "WAIT! I have school! I already missed 2 weeks people are saying that I'm dead." You say to taylor."Ok fine but all of us are going to have to go with you to protect you. "From who? Its school." You ask "ummm other boys and slutty girls?" He replies with a laugh. ;
  9. "Aw, don't get jealous(:" you say with a smile. "There are other girls there too so you'll never know if I'll ask one of them out" Taylor says with a mischevious look. "Ok-__- but stay away from the easy ones" you say with a laugh..."Wait, we're not going to have to have ALL classes together right?" You say worried "No we're protectors not stalkers." Taylor says with a grin;
  10. You and Taylor are getting closer and closer until your lips were about 2 inches apart. When he was about to lean in more Nick rushed in and said "_______ we have bad news." "what is it?!" You answered irritated that he ruined you and Taylor's kiss. "It's Arianne....she got to your mom."

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