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More than Just Love series is more than just romantic love it is special and so much more..Here is part two. It is sort of short but I hope you like it. In this episode, you see what happens to the young man, I now refer to him as Son. And what will happen to you?

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Created by: Kirsteen111
  1. "Blood, blood!!" The thousand and thousands of voices yelled loudly in the shadows of the dead trees. Apperantly they didnt like the light. Their eyes could be seen easily, like red stars in the night sky. If you could see the stars anyway, it was way to dark to see the stars here. You try to get up off the ground but one of the small beings flew on top of you and pinned you to the ground. You try to get up but another and another one of the beings fly on you to hold you down.
  2. You look over to the Son (the young man from before) and see how sad he looks to see you like this. Pretty soon the beings make such a loud noise, otherpeople oke their heads out to see what is happening. You see Kevin and Jill laughing at you from behind a tree.
  3. After only a minute more you see the Son raise his hand. Suddenly all the beings stopped yelling in their raspy voices. Not even one could oppose the young man. The Son began to talk, "____, maybe i should explain to you what happened a few decades earlier. See, there was only one giant city and all lived there. The threds, (the beings with red eyes) the people.. like yourself and Jill and Keven.." He stopped and looked at them. Jill and Keven both stared back. You ask yourself.. how does he know their names? The Son finishes, "And there was my Father, Torrent, and I who were rulers. My Father was the most powerful and I helped him rule. Torrent was just an advisor... Until he and some of the threds wanted to join him to take over the large city. Thats when my Father and I banished them here in the Valley of Death..." Before the Son could finish..
  4. Before the Son could finish.. the large creature with black eyes hissed very loudly, "No more talking!!" That was the creatures name. The one who ruled over the Valley of Death. The one who once glowed with a beautifu blue light. The one who jumped on you and dug his claws into your cheek. His name was Torrent..
  5. "Do you want to set them free or.." Torrents voice was interrupted by one small soft voice. Torrent turned toward you fiercly as you realized YOU were the one who interrupted! You speak a little louder using all your courage, "If Torrent and the threds were banished then why are people here?" The Son looked compassionate as he answered your question. "One man after any years later went to visit the Valley of Death. He drank some of the poisoned water..." Torrent interrupted the Son by saying, "ITS NOT POISONED!! Its just flavored differently then your water.." Then Torrent gave a crooked smile in your direction. That made you shiver. The Son continued, "Poisoned water and he invited everyone secretly to drink the water with him.." Torrent interrupted this time yelling louder, "Lets get on with this, do you want this rag or not?!" He pointed his webbed finger at you.
  6. The Son looked back where he came from. His home. Then he looked back at you and smiled. A sweet and genuine smile. "Yes, I want her." Then The crowd of threds screeched and hollored. They began to shake the branches of the trees so hardly that a few of the trees fell down and turned into ash. They blinked their thousands of red eyes. Ad some of them began to swoop down and claw the Son!! Torrent yelled not in words but as some sort of Victory screech. The cry was loud and high pitched. It didnt ring like a bell but more like a buzzer. It was long and you began to cover your ears from the horrible noise! You watched Torrent as his song became words. "Hurt him like you have wanted to. Bite him and claw him. Make him feel pain!!" Then Torrent himself, dove into the Son with fangs first. You had to look away because of how grusome the scene was..
  7. You open your eyes again to see Torrent grabbing the Son and pinning him up to a dead tree. Then three threds gathered at different spots. One thred by the mans feet. The other by the mans hand and another thred was at the opposite hand. Each thred had a long metal sword. the threds all at once dug the meta swords into the mans hands and feet. Now the man was pinned against the dead ash tree. He was pinned by the swords. Toreent stepped back and laughed at the sight. You felt a tear fall down your scarred cheek.
  8. Torrent turned toward you and walked a few steps. "The man who drank the water invited his friends and all of them drank. They became my minions and could not be seen in the light because of their ash." Torrent was finishing the story? He continued. "Ever since then every human has been born here and will suffer. And all because of just one stupid man... a man just like you ___!" Torrent laughed. You feel yourself feeling very sad. "So, you see, YOU ae the one who is supposed to be suffuring not him. But hey He is even better!! I will take making him suffer any day!" With that Torrent walked back close to the Son. Torrent started to tease him. "If your soo powerful come down from that tree! You can do it cant you? Why die for these humans? They aren't worth it believe me! So come down and make me stop making fun of you. You can do that right?" Torrent laughed again. And he went up to the beaten and broken man on the tree and clawed him right across the face.
  9. You cry as you see that poor man being hated for you. Just for you. And you dont even know him!! Why? Why is he doing this? You cry some more and finally notice how little the man is moving. Is he going to die?? Torrent turns around and swoops to ou. He flaps his teared wings and picks you up with his claws. He throws you toward the light you see streaming in. You fall and tumble after he throws you but you reach the light..
  10. The light is so bright you cant look. Your eyes are stil closed but the light bets brighter and brighter. Pretty soon the light is soo bright that is seepes through your eyelids to where all you see is white. After a few moments the light dims down and you open your eyes. You are on your knees in a knealing position. Your face is on the grass.. GRASS!! There is grass!! You feel it with your fingers.. Then you notice the feet in front of you.. You look upward to see where the feet lead to. It is a man who is not too old but not as young as the Son. You get up as you notice the man is covered in rubies and sapphires. His hands are covered in shining diamonds and his eyes are as green as emeralds. You instantly know who this is.. the Father!!
  11. You try to speak but no words come out.. You finally find something to say, "Where is the Son?" Your voice shakes a bit. The Father looks sad for a moment but then changes the subject. "This is the City of Light." He points just a few feet behind him. You see a magical city. With small houses and roads made out of gold. "I live over there." He points to the Mansion. You stand in awe of the building. It is huge and is thebiggest part of the city. You can only say, "Wow, is that for you and the Son?" The Father smiles and adds, "Its for the humans too, for you. But its not finished yet." The Father suddenly drops the subject and answers your question, "The Son is dead.. but the chains of the Valley of Death are now broken." You stand there in silence.. hes dead...
  12. "He didnt deserve to die.." You say. Then you look back to the pitch black. "He knew that and so do I but dont worry he isnt going to stay dead." The Father said. You turn toward him. "You mean..." The Father speaks up, "He will rise from the dead in three days."

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