Madness combat quiz

Good ol madness combat yes we love the because all of the blood, the violence, the tension, the blood and more I madne the quiz because I want to test people smartness If you don't the series leave now. The test is a little hard but you can answer all of them correctly if your Smart.

Do you think you know madness combat? Do you got the guts to really take the test? This test will tell everything and if you got a low well score just bad comments from me I think take the test to really know smart are you in madness combat series

Created by: Straw man
  1. What is Hank's last name?
  2. Whst was the very first madness animation?
  3. Who has the primary impropabilty drive?
  4. How many people had Hank killed in Madness combat 6
  5. What is Tricky's iconic weapon?
  6. Jesus is also known as
  7. Who has the portable drive?
  8. What is the name of the agents that has yellow blood?
  9. What is Hank's signature weapon?
  10. Who is the person who keeps on reviving Hank?
  11. How many people did Hank killed in Madness combat 2
  12. What is Sanford's signature weapon
  13. Why was Hank after the sheriff?

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