Are you ready for combat?

iam a soldier and there seems to be alot of people who think they could be one as well. so i made this to kind of make fun of that conflict. some of the stuff in my quiz you may not understand sorry. if you really want to know hit me up at [no emails]

can you withstand the horrors of combat? are you ready to pick up a rifle and fight for your contry ? well find out with 15 quick questions . good luck you need it.

Created by: James Moss
  1. could you kill some one ?
  2. body Armor is useless and just gets in the way?
  3. If some one was pointing a gun at one of your fellow soldiers what would you do?
  4. what weapon is stronger?
  5. what is the preferd ratio of your troops to enemy troops
  6. witch one of these is the best place to take cover from AK-47 fire
  7. what is the kill radias of a hand gernade?
  8. a knife is a good thing to have in combat?
  9. could you kill a child if they had a bomb staped to there boby?
  10. what is a more serious wound, that can be treated?
  11. how long can you go with out water ?
  12. up to how much armor can a API M2 round go though ?
  13. how many bullits with praying stop?
  14. what would you be willing to do to make it home?
  15. what is the nuber one rule to combat?

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for combat?