A Fox Story by ChameleonLeap

Feather is a young vixen with four male foxes right at her tail. Do you love the mysterious and manipulative Shade, the strong and handsome Bear, the cute and funny Grey, or the shy and smart Drizzle?

Feather is a reddish-brown vixen with emerald green eyes and a ripped right ear. But which tom is right for her? Grey? Bear? Drizzle? Or Shade? Find out in this quiz.

  1. You gaze out across the meadow. Your green eyes flicker around as the grass rustles your fur around. You close your eyes and let the light shines on your reddish-brown fur. A gray fox pops his head up: “Hey Feather, feeling down?” He trots up next to you and sits down. “Flower is GONE.” You whisper, your eyes are stinging with tears. Grey nuzzles you fondly and murmurs: “Star is gone too... they will both be remembered.” You respond-
  2. You trot into Fox Hollow, the rest of your skulk (a group of foxes) mourning the deaths of your friends. Bear walked to you and licked your cheek. You-
  3. No matter what you do, you notice Shade sitting alone in the corner, Flower was his sister, and your best friend. You trot over to him and sit down in front of him: “You okay? Flower will never really be gone.” You say. “S-she’s not gone, she’s not really gone...” he chokes out, trying to reassure himself. You leave him, letting him have some alone time. Later you fall asleep in the skulks den and you feel someone press against you. It’s Shade. You-
  4. In the morning, you see Bear pushing his way past the vines that cover the den. He licks your cheek and says: “I got breakfast, although it’s a deer, so we might have to eat where I killed it.” You jump up, you’ve never had deer before and you were eager to try it. You wake Drizzle and Grey up. You all race towards the deer carcass, Shade was guarding it and his fur smoothed as soon as he saw you. Shade stepped back from the carcass and let Grey, Bear, Drizzle, and you eat it. Later- you go hunting for lunch, you ask (your choice) to hunt with you. Who did you bring?
  5. Whoever you went with you catch 3 pheasants, a good kill. You fetch the others, each pheasant can feed two foxes. You share your pheasant with-
  6. While you’re eating, it starts to rain. First it’s light, then it becomes harder,p. The next thing you know, your fur is completely drenched. You’re far from home and you stumble around looking for your skulk-mates. You walk around calling everyone else’s names: “Drizzle, Bear, Grey, Shade, WHERE ARE YOU?” You slip and fall right into the swirling river. You bark in fear. You feel a strong body against yours, swimming against the current. You’re hauled onto the banks of the river and three sets of eyes are looking over you. You cough up water. Wait- shouldn’t there be four sets of eyes!? You look to see Shade gasping for air in the river. You-
  7. Shade ends up on the bank of the river, and you pass out.
  8. You wake up and look around to see the rain is still pouring down. You’re in a comfy den and Shade licks your cheek, Bear gives him an angry glance. Grey bristles and Drizzle bares his teeth. Finally Drizzle speaks: “you blacked out, luckily Shade saved you from the river, now he’s your ‘savior’” Drizzle growled. Shade says to you: “we all have something to admit...” Bear steps forward: “we all kinda like you...”
  9. Drizzle says: “I’m shy but I have a MASSIVE crush on you...” Bear says: “I love you, and I’m probably the best choice for a mate.” Grey: “Ever since Flower died, I’ve loved you.” Shade: “you’re the only fox that understands me, and I really like you” Bear says: “so who do you want as a mate?”
  10. Sorry that was so short, Part 2 coming our soon!

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