~*Warrior Cat Love Story Part 1*~

You are LemonPaw, a young she-cat with three toms padding after you. Which one will you choose? This is my first quiz, so it might be bad I hope you enjoy it!

Your description: sandy colored she-cat with a dark brown tail, muzzle, and ears. You have one white paw (like SquirrelFlight :3) and grey eyes. You will fight for your clan and you are extremely loyal.

Created by: ~*ChameleonLeap*~
  1. You wake up in the nursery with three toms looking right over you. A yellow tom with blue eyes speaks first, “Wow!” He says, “LemonKit’s (your name) eyes are so green!”You think...
  2. (Skip to your apprentice ceremony)Every cat cheers you name. “LemonPaw, LemonPaw!” You feel so proud as you puff out your chest. Your ears block out the sounds of BlackPaw, LonerPaw, and LightningPaw names being called. You’re finally an apprentice!!!
  3. A moon after your apprentice ceremony LonerPaw pads up to you. He shifts his paws a little. Then he finally speaks, “W-wanna go hunting with me, LemonPaw?” Before you can reply LightningPaw barrels between you and LonerPaw. “Hey LemonPaw! You should come hunting with me and BlackPaw!” LonerPaw starts to speak but gets cut off by BlackPaw. “LemonPaw, me and LightingPaw want to show you this really cool meadow that we found!” Your response is-[if you choose to go with BlackPaw and LightningPaw go to question 5][if you choose LonerPaw go to question 4][if you choose to stay skip to question 6]
  4. You follow LonerPaw out of camp, ignoring the angry glares that LightningPaw and BlackPaw cast at LonerPaw. “Where are we going hunting?” You ask. You’ve noticed LonerPaw moving closer to you. You move farther away from him, and you see he’s a bit offended. He says, “We aren’t really going hunting, I need to tell you something about a voice in my head.”
  5. BlackPaw and LightingPaw show you the meadow. “How pretty!” You gasp. LightingPaw murmurs to you, “trust me, it’s better now that you’re here.” A growl is coming from BlackPaw’s throat. You wonder why (me: uh, duh!). LightningPaw gives you an affectionate lick between your ears. Before you can do anything you hear a yowl coming from camp. It’s your mother! LightningPaw and BlackPaw take a quick glance at each other and start to race towards camp.
  6. [only if you decided to stay at camp] You hear a thundering of pawsteps coming into camp. You hear your mother yowl in surprise. You look to see a band of loners attacking your mother and your leader! You look around urgently for LonerPaw, BlackPaw and LightningPaw. You spot them fighting a large dark brown tabby tom. You rush over to help.
  7. [ONLY IF YOU DECIDE TO GO WITH EITHER LONERPAW, BLACKPAW OR LIGHTNINGPAW] You and whoever you were with race to the sound of yowls coming from camp. You launch yourself at the nearest rogue. The large dark brown tabby tom is much larger than you and pins you down with ease. LonerPaw races towards the tom in a raging fury of calico fur. LonerPaw attacked the tom distracting him and you got loose. Before LonerPaw attacked the tom, you could’ve sworn you and the tom’s eyes met for a second.
  8. [no matter what you chose you end up at this question] Finally RainClan is able to defeat the rogues. FallenStar announces that he is happy to have you, LonerPaw, BlackPaw, and LightningPaw become warriors!
  9. LonerPaw is now LonerFoot, and BlackPaw BlackFoot, and LightningPaw is how LightningTuft.
  10. The four of you sit vigil for the night. You’re sleepy but ready to leap up and fight. It’s quiet. Suddenly something cuts through the silence. You see two yellow beady eyes looking right at BlackFoot. He doesn’t notice the eyes, but he senses that something is there. But what? A fox leaps out of the shadows and attacks BlackFoot right before it strikes BlackFoot, you leap between him and the fox. You get flung into a tree and you blackout. You have a dream about-
  11. You wake up in the medicine cat den. You see four pairs of eyes staring at you. The medicine cat, FlowerPetal, tells the toms to leave you so she can take care of you. The toms eagerly wait outside. As soon as FlowerPetal tells you that you can now leave the toms swarm you and tell you about what happened. Afterwards LonerFoot leads you away and tells you that he has a new apprentice.
  12. You pad out of camp with LonerFoot and you notice that your tail is entwined with his. No matter what you think of this, he untwined his tail from yours. “LemonStreak (your warrior name), I need to tell you something...”
  13. “I-I have this voice in my head, it’s telling me to do bad things to cats. A-And... sometimes I listen.” He looks deeply ashamed. You gasp, that’s why one of your clans warriors drown a few moons ago. “And right now it’s telling me that I have to kill your father, FallenStar.” You back up slowly. You speak with a shaky voice, “D-don’t do it.” You stand up and start to run towards camp, trying to tell FallenStar.
  14. You feel a large paw take you in. LonerFoot’s eyes met yours as he spoke quietly, “alert FallenStar, and I’ll have to kill you too.” You back up, “YOU’RE A TRAITOR!!” You screech. “YOU DON’T LOVE ANYONE! YOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF FOXDUNG!!!” You screech louder. LonerFoot stands in front of you, “I do love, I love you. That’s why I have to kill FallenStar, so I can be leader, take over all four clans and finally be enough for you!” Your response is-
  15. Your eyes meet his, your eyes burn with fury, no matter what you chose to say. “I will not let you harm my leader.” You say with your voice solid and calm. Your claws slide out, “and I will gladly fight you.” LonerFoot puts his face closer, so your muzzles are almost touching. “No. I’m going to listen to the voice in my head.” He flung you into a den with several other cats guarding the entrance. You’re trapped. You look around you and see a large dark brown tabby tom staring coldly at you with grey eyes. Then you realize something- CLIFFHANGER

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