Warrior Cats love story ~ Toms only!

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Hi! In this quiz, you have to find your match! Any answer you think you would pick, choose it, and find out who your mate will be! Plz send this to your friends!

Ok! now go on and get started! Remember to send this to your peeps, and Have a GREAT time doing this. Thank you! I hope you have fun in this cool quiz!

Created by: Amber of WarriorCats27.webnode.com
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  1. You are patrolling the border with you brother, Reedsky, and you guys are talking about pesky Petalclan, and how you hate everycat in it. Then you hear some of your clan's she-cats hunting. You know the four she-cats are Lightsun, Icicleheart, Greengaze, and brighttail.
  2. Your brother hears them anyway, and looks at you. He notices your face is red and your avoiding his eye contact. "Ooooh! Has somecat got a C-R-U-S-H?" He asks, twitching his whiskers mischievously. "No!" You yowl back. He starts nudging you and winking at you. "Yeah. You totally don't, huh? And your face was only red 'cause you'r tired. Totally." He laughed.
  3. He convinces you to follow them, and you agree. You all climb a tree, and watch them talk. You don't notice reedsky creep up behind you. Then... He PUSHES you! You fall through the air and fall on... GREENGAZE! The last thing you see before you faint is their shocked faces. and Greengazes embarrassed one. You wake up in the Medicine den with Greengaze lying next to you. "Sorry." You wince. "It's OK. It was just an accident." SHe smiles back at you.
  4. A moon later, the four she-cats come to sit with you and Reedsky. Reedsky whispers in your ear. "I don't care what you say, but you obviously got something going with one of them." You hiss at him playfully. Lightsun, Greengaze, and Brighttail lay down, their fur brushing your pelt. But Icicleheart, who usually is the 'grumpy' one, purrs and wraps her tail around your brother, and Reedsky licks her cheek.
  5. You see Greengaze sitting with her friends (Icicleheart, Brighttail, and your brother *Lightsun is hunting*) near the lake, laughing. You realize your brother is telling them something funny. (Copy paste the thing below, and see a picture of what is happening!) file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/b092a0a6148b690270753a321d9d98d9.png
  6. You get Greengaze to come with you. "What was Reedsky telling you guys?" You ask. "U-Um... I-I... Well... He said that you, Um... Like me, Icicleheart, Brighttail and Lightsun. He told Lightsun before she went hunting." She mews, avoiding your eyes.
  7. Whichever she-cat you ask, they accept. Then she has your kits! (A bunch of pics below!) file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/Kits%20(0).jpg file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/Kits%20(1).jpg file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/Kits%20(2).jpg file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/Kits%20(3).png file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/Kits%20(4).jpg file:///C:/Users/naneh/Desktop/Kits%20(5).jpg
  8. Your kits become apprentices!
  9. Your kits become warriors and your mate purrs. "Best kits ever!" You yowl. But I wanna know, who is your "mate"?
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