Warrior Cat Love Story =^.^=

One of you, and three toms, who will you choose? They all like you, but do you like all of them? Which one will you choose? Or will you decide you don't like any of them?

It is a tough decision, and all the toms don't seem keen on giving up on trying to win you over, take this quiz and find out which tom you would choose, find out which one is more charming, find out which one you like the best!

Created by: On4paws
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  1. You awake in your nest. Some warriors are beside you, still asleep. It is early in the morning. You pad out of the den, stretch and see Stormheart eating a vole in the pale morning sunlight. He looks at you shyly and looks away. Stormheart is always shy, but his gaze was different somehow, like he felt something towards you.
  2. You go over and sit by Stormheart, grabbing a sparrow for yourself. You casually nod a greeting to him, which he replies with a shaky nod and a twitch of his tail. "Hi, (your name)." he says, looking embarrest. "Hi." you say back, taking another bite. You hear him take a deep breath as if getting ready for something. "You look pretty this morning." he said more firmly but nervously. "Thank you," you say, flattered. In your head your thinking.
  3. Stormheart has walked away very shyly and awkwardly. You finish your food and wait for the rest of the warriors to awake. The first one to do so is Flameleap, a handsome flame pelted tom with lime green eyes. He nods to you. "Morning, (your name)." You nod back. "Good morning." He looks at you with a warm gaze. "I'm on the dawn patrol, so I'd better go, see you later?" You nod, in your head you think,
  4. Your day continues as usual, until Amberstar asks you to go on a patrol. You go with a few other warriors as well as Stormheart. He glances at you at times, but stays a distance. You start to mark a border a little ways off from the group when you scent a cat you haven't scented before. It wasn't from a Clan, what could it be?
  5. You look back and the patrol has begun scenting borders same as you, so you creep forward, scenting the smell out, and you bump into a handsome ginger brown marble tabby tom with deep green eyes. You growl. "What are you doing on our territory, rogue!?" you say, your back arched. He talked smoothly. "I'm not a rogue, nor loner, I'm a traveler, and I'm only passing by." he says and looks at you with a warm gaze. you reply with,
  6. The tom seems to linger, looking at you, then going. The tom obviously liked you, but did you like him back?
  7. The image of the tom stayed in your mind, whether you liked him or just found him odd, until Flameleap came over to you. "Hey, if you have time, want to hunt with me?" he asked, a grin on his face. You say,
  8. Flameleap enjoyed hunting with you, and you caught lots of prey, but Flameleap seemed to not have his eye on prey, but his eyes on you. You drop your catch in the pile, only to find Amberstar calling everyone to a Clan meeting. "The gathering is tomorrow, and the cats who are going are, (you), Sandfoot, Morningbreeze, Stormheart, Flowertail, Ravenwing, Silverstripe, Redear, Dapplepelt, Reedheart, Mistyspirit, and Snowyblaze. He said leaping from the Great Rock.
  9. The night of the gathering finally comes, and as you walk over with your other Clanmates, Stormheart is surprisingly close to you. "Hi, (your name)." he says more confidently than before. "I'm sorry I've been awkward," he apologized. "You have that affect on me I guess." he said, giving a warm smile and gaze. You say,
  10. At the gathering, your waiting for two more Clans when you see a cat peeking through the bushes a far ways off. You pad towards the cat. It was the tom from before! "I can't stop thinking about you, I'm sorry I'm here, I know this is bad but your so beautiful, I would love to get to know you more..." he said, blushing and shuffling his paws. You reply with,
  11. When you get back to camp, you sit but the pond to clear your head. You see the tom again. He goes over to you. "My name is Creek by the way." He says, quietly. "You shouldn't be here!" you say worriedly. He nods and bounds off, but before he leaves completely, he turns around. "Your very beautiful, you know." he says a little shyly, but runs off. You think,
  12. You sit and think for a while about all the toms, Flameleap, Stormheart, and Creek. The last few days have been confusing.
  13. Thats the end of the quiz! Part 2 is coming!

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