Warrior cat love story {2}

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NOW who do you love, is it the same? or different? now that you are older, things start to get more dramatic... are you excited? I was when I wrote the quiz! rules: if you did not take the last quiz, you can not take this one, if you are not a shecat, you may not take this quiz, you must keep loving the same cat endless they do something that you just can't forgive them for.

are you ready for the possibility? in this quiz you can not control what happens, anything could happen, and you just have to roll with it. you can choose answers, but they do not decide anything either, you must accept your fate.

Created by: Brightstar

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  2. so, remember where we left of? (you were gonna have your warrior naming ceremony)
  3. so, ready for rp?
  4. "All cat's old enough to swim to the apprentice den gather around Jagged Rock for a clan meeting!" you go to the rock, exited. when you hear: "Icepaw, Silverpaw, and Frostpaw, step forward!" you can barely breath, you have been waiting for this day all your life and it has finally come! you, Icepaw, become Icewish, Silverpaw becomes Silverrain, and Frostpaw becomes Frostsky. The three of you are overjoyed, and you are not even unhappy of your new duties, in fact you even like it!
  5. a few days Later Snowpaw becomes Snowfur, then Colepaw becomes Coleshadow, soon after Riverpaw becomes Rivereye.
  6. it's your first gathering as a warrior! you just can't wait! unfortunately bad news awaits you... when you heard the words you didn't know what was going on: "Pineclan is doing well, we did have one unnecessary death though, our apprentice, Lotuspaw, drowned in the Lake. he is dead, and I am shore we will all mourn for the loss." you thought you might be dreaming, you couldn't believe it. Lotuspaw dead!?!?!?!? you were to shocked to be sad, but when you returned to camp you found a private corner to sob, you did not sleep well that night.
  7. sorry I accidentally sent. Here are the other options for answers:
  8. The next day you are sitting in the corner, mourning for Lotuspaw, when Coleshadow comes up to you: "it's ok' he said "I'm sorry that your sad though, it was such a surprise" he lent against you comfortingly and entwined his tail with yours "oh Icewish, sometimes I just wish that... well..." he was quiet and awkward for a second, then he said; "Icewish... I wanted to tell you this for the longest of times... because I... well..."
  9. "I-I-I-I-I-Iloveyou" he blushes, then runs, leaving you confused
  10. that night you also sleep badly, you are so confused. You finally get to sleep. a few days later, the first morning bird sings, you wake up and begin washing yourself, ready for a new day. Sorry but thats where we are leaving it today, that will probably be an exciting day!
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