Warrior Love Story (she-cats only!)

Many people love the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter. However, not many get to experience the life of a warrior. With this quiz, you can become a warrior... and find true love!

Will you love Dustpaw, Smokepaw or Eaglepaw? Only this quiz can tell! Lead your she-cat through this quiz to find her true love. Have fun, I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Moonflower786
  1. You are five moons old. In one moon, you will become an apprentice! You are ultra excited.
  2. One moon passes. You become a apprentice and your mentor is Skypelt. You are good at hunting and fighting. One day, a tom called Eaglepaw comes to train with you because. His mentor was badly injured in a recent battle. He has a pale brown pelt that's darker on his ears, paws and tail.
  3. When you get back to camp with Eaglepaw, you noticed that everyone was gathering in the clearing below Highrock. You and Eaglepaw go as well, and you see that it is an apprentice ceremony. You hear that his name is Smokepaw and he is a small, black tom.
  4. After the celebration, Smokepaw trotted into the apprentice den. He looked rather confident, but you wonder if perhaps he's a bit snooty. It is nearly sundown so you grab a mouse from the fresh kill pile and go talk to Smokepaw. You tell him your name and you chat until nearly moonhigh.
  5. A half moon later, you go on your first patrol with Skypelt, Grassfur and Squirreltail. Grass fur also brings his apprentice, Dustpaw. Dustpaw is a bit older than you, tall and muscular with gray-brown fur. He talks to you for a while during the patrol. When you get back to camp, he asks if you want to share a vole.
  6. You have something to eat and go to the apprentice den. You find Smokepaw licking his front paw, alone in the den. You ask him how his training was. He says he hasn't gone out yet and you realize why he's so huffy; it's nearly sunhigh already.
  7. Smokepaw looks into your eyes. "Your eyes are so bright. I never noticed," he says. He presses himself against your flank. Suddenly, Eaglepaw bursts in! What are you thinking?
  8. Eaglepaw says nothing and goes to his nest. He seems tired. Time goes on and nothing much more is thought of the situation. After two moons, you go on a patrol with three warriors, Eaglepaw and Dustpaw. The patrol splits up into pairs. You are not sure whether to go with Dustpaw or Eaglepaw. Who do you go with?
  9. Before you could go to your choice, the clan deputy bursts into the clearing where you and the patrol are. He says that rogues are attacking camp and your leader, Poolstar, has already been killed!
  10. And that's the end of the quiz!!

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