Warrior Cats: Unfatmonable No.1

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☆☆☆☆ The first WC RP to the series Warrior Cats: Unfathomable (No.1) Please don't get mad if there are any spelling mistakes, this is my first quiz, ever! Feel free to leave comments or suggestions!

Based off of Warrior Cats, the books. By Erin Hunter All characters, you MUST ask to use them if you do, please.☆ Hope you like! ☆ More on the way~ BiackDog ~

Created by: BiackDog
  1. Ok, let's go ahead and get this part over with. What is your pelt color?
  2. Another question, what is your eye color?
  3. OK, RP TIME! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dawn light cut jagged light on your pelt, drawing out your long/short tail in profile. Dimly, you hear the camp start to awaken, paws thumping over short grass. The warrior's den was empty except for you, moss hanging from the entrance. Up all moon high helping the Clan medicine cat, GoldenSun, you were tired to the bone, padding stiffly to your den and collapsing. You hear your name called, and you stand up, eyes heavy with sleep. What do you do?
  4. Whatever you chose, the cat calls your name again, anxiety pushing their meow. You pad out, flinching at the bright light. A dark-red pelt flashes at the corner of your eye, along with brown eyes. A well muscled tom pads up to you, bushy tail flicking slightly. "You weren't up yet, _________? I have been calling you, since, like yesterday!" He smirks, nudging your shoulder.
  5. He shrugs, before looking up. The leader, GreyStar, stood on a rock overlooking the camp. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Overhang for a clan meeting!" The cats not already outside paced under the rock, sitting down as there meowing grew quieter. You took a seat beside your mother, DuskBreeze, who looked at you and licked your ear. As GreyStar taps her tail for silence, how do you react to the lick?
  6. GreyStar starts to speak, chin high. "I am going to die. You all know that. I fear that I don't have many lives left." You realize for the first time that Grey Stars ribs were visible beneath her dull pelt. Her eyes were round and hollow, sparking ice blue. Other than her lives, she was old, a elder if she wasn't the leader. GreyStar sighed, drawing you back to the present. "And more stressing, I have not picked a deputy." Her meow was met with grim nods. GreyStar had refused to pick one moons ago, saying that "I'm still thinking with Star Clan." Your ears perk as she finishes, "________, meet me in my den. Some cat take out a border patrol and a hunting patrol. SwiftClan has been very shifty lately. Clan meeting dismissed." The cats start to get into patrols, hunger growing in there bellies. What do you do?
  7. (If you went on a patrol, then read this!) Padding to a patrol, you somehow ended up in StormTails hunting patrol. Another long legged tom pads up, smiling. "Hey __________. Wanna hunt with me? StormTail is overrated." You glance at StormTail, shifting our paws. You didn't want to be rude, and DuskBreeze was fixing you with a intense stare. Whatever choice you picked, you ended up heading into GreyStars den, paws pricking. What was your leader up too?
  8. The smell of sickness hits you like a wave, making you stagger backwards. You look up, gagging. Where was that horrible, crow-food, stench coming from? Padding deeper into the den, you see two ice-blue eyes staring back at you. Your heart beats faster as you see GreyStars pelt. What was going on?
  9. GreyStars gaze seemed far away, fixed on something in the distance. The smell of sickness grew until it made you feel as if you would retch, then faded. Something minty replaced it, making you feel dizzy. GreyStar looked up at you, frozen. "Find the herb." She whispered. "Find the herb to battle the sickness that could last forever. Find the herb!" She now screamed, before falling out her nest. Shadows licked at her pelt. A single cough broke from the camp. This was only the beginning. Only the start to the end.
  10. Did you like this quiz? (BE HONEST PLEASE.) >:V

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