Power of Three Quiz (Warrior Cats)

Warrior Cats has been a book series of the cats that divide themselves into Clans and live in conduct to their unique code. Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, POWER OF THREE, Omen of the Stars, Vision of Shadows... it goes on and on.

But what do YOU know about Power of Three? How much reading was done with Lion, Holly, and Jay? Do YOU know? Take this test and tax your brain on how your memory of them works!

Created by: Hollyleaf

  1. Who is the trio's mother? (their REAL one)
  2. What is Hollyleaf's power?
  3. Which trio member became medicine cat?
  4. Which herb did Hollyleaf try to force Leafpool to eat?
  5. What cat does Lionblaze love?
  6. What was Lion and Jay's description of what happened to Holly?
  7. Which two cats mentored Jay?
  8. What was Hollykit anxious about?
  9. What is Jayfeather's ancient name?
  10. What was the prophecy?
  11. Did Hollyleaf actually die?

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