what warrior cat name would i have?

all warrior cats, even kits, know some thing about the warrior code. a few of these warrior cats are leaders who know a lot about the warrior code and help lead there clan to know this to.

Are YOU a leader? do you know so much about warriors and the warrior code that YOU can lead an entire clan of cats and help them learn about the code to? well you can find out in ONLY a few minutes!

Created by: zelda of catfuff0
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  1. what kinds of things do you like?
  2. what do you think a warrior should be able to overcome?
  3. if you could be in a clan what clan would you be in?
  4. who's your favorite warrior out of these?
  5. your a medicine cat, ( this is random ) rouge cats are attacking and one stole your herbs!
  6. how do you describe your self?
  7. you go hunting and when you come back... THE KITS ARE GONE :O!
  8. whats your favorite color?
  9. whats your favorite food?
  10. what do you like to do on your free time?
  11. do you like my quiz? its my first so make sure to tell me what YOU want next time.

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