A warrior cat's love story for she-cats

This is a warrior cat's quiz! For she-cats! Where you can find what your warrior cat mate is! In part 2 I do add more love interests, and there is the option to like another she-cat! Or like no one, you don't have to have a mate, you can just stay for the ride!

If you were wondering, your character's parents are, Fernheart and Oakfall. You had a brother that died just a few weeks after birth due to being too small and weak. If you are looking for a name to use I would personally use, Leopardpaw, Dawnpaw, Silverpaw, Rainpaw, Ivypaw, Shadowpaw, or Rosepaw. But any name works!

Created by: Silversky

  1. First, what would you prefer your pelt to be? Any pattern comes with the color of pelt you choose
  2. You wake up in your nest, you're an eight moon old apprentice. Your fellow apprentices are, Stormpaw, at nine moons, Flamepaw and Leafpaw, (siblings), at ten moons, and Shadepaw, at nine moons. Your mentor is Graysky. You stretch and walk out from the apprentice den, and see Flamepaw and Leafpaw. They call you over to share a rabbit. You think,
  3. You settle down to eat with them, Flamepaw and Leafpaw scooching over so you can sit in the middle. "Morning! You sure slept late." Leafpaw teased you playfully, nudging you. You say,
  4. While you eat, Flamepaw asks you something. "Do you think you'll be going on the hunting patrol today?" he says, leaning to see you better, a kind glint in his yellow eyes. You say,
  5. After the rabbit, you do get called on patrol! Graysky goes with you, along with Stormpaw and his mentor, Rabbitleap. You quickly catch a mouse after Rabbitleap catches a squirrel. Stormpaw pads to you shyly. "You did really well." he murmurs, shuffling his paws. "Thank you." you respond, which makes his yellow eyes glitter. You think;
  6. After you all catch at least one piece of prey, you return to camp, where a dark gray apprentice named Shadepaw pads up to you. "Did you catch that?" he said, looking skeptical. You nod. "It's small." he comments rudely. You reply with,
  7. Shadepaw snorts rudely and stalks away, whisking his dark gray tail at you. You pay no attention to him and put your prey in the pile. "Wow! Great catch, (your name)!" Flamepaw says warmly, bounding over to you. You say,
  8. Flamepaw purrs, "You're pretty talented." he admires. Before you could respond, Leafpaw bounds over as well, her amber eyes shining. "Great job, (your name)! You all did really well." she says to you and the patrol. Her gaze flits back to you warmly. "Flamepaw's right, you have lots of admirable traits." she says kindly.
  9. Soon you are nine moons, and it is time for the gathering. The cats who are called are, Honeywhisker, Fernheart, you, Shadepaw, Stormpaw, Graysky, Volesplash, and Firestorm. Lead by, Leopardstar of course and her deputy, Silversky. You pad through the woods, flanked by your fellow warriors. Your mother, Fernheart nods to you from afar, and you soon find yourself walking beside Shadepaw and Stormpaw. "This'll be the worst." Shadepaw grumbled. "I think it'll be nice." Stormpaw murmured. "Lighten up, Shadepaw," you say. "Gatherings are always fun." Shadepaw glances at you and you stiffen, but instead he nods. "You could be right." This was rare, Shadepaw always has some sort of comeback to argue with!
  10. You all walk together through the dark forest, the undergrowth no longer sun dappled. There was suddenly a loud squawk that surprised the passing cats. Stormpaw in particular jumped in surprise and crashed into you. He looked at you wide eyed. "I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean too..." he stammered, shuffling backwards, fur fluffed in embarrassment. "A-are you okay?" he asked, looking at you. His yellow eyes shone with embarrassment, worry, and some sort of affection. You respond with,
  11. You finally arrive, and CLIFFHANGER! Find out in the next one!

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