A Warriors Love Story ~ Part Two (Series One)

Warrior cats by Erin Hunter, is a dramatic book series. That's what makes it so action-packed, and addicting. I've made another "A Warriors Love Story," for Series One.

This quiz will make you determine your happiness between the, shy, and intelligent Darkpaw, the quick and loyal Lightingpaw, or the kind, and exciting, Greenpaw.

Created by: LunarNight

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  1. IF YOU HAVEN'T, GO BACK TO TAKE THE: A Warriors Love Story ~ Part One (Series One)
  2. You have been made an apprentice along with Rosekit. Now, you are Violetpaw. The apprentice's den is full. You mentor: Yellowdawn, tells you'll have to share a nest.
  3. Who do you choose?
  4. Who ever you choose, you sleep next to him.
  5. The next day, Yellowdawn introduces you to the territory, blah blah. Now, your a warrior! Yeah. Skip the boring stuff. (HAHA JK.)
  6. The next day, Yellowdawn introduces you to the territory, blah blah.You do normal apprentice stuff.
  7. Darkpaw gets brutally mauled by a pack of dogs. He comes back to camp with a terrifying face. Goldenpelt, his mother has a new litter of kits, and keeps them away from him. What do you do?
  8. The medecine cat say's he'll have to live with that. Lightningpaw teases his bro.
  9. Greenpaw hisses at Lightningpaw to stop. Lightningpaw doesn't stop. "Your so ugly, everyone in camp thinks you are."
  10. You look sadly at Darkpaw, who is thought ugly to everyone in camp, but the leader, deputy, seniors, his father, mentor, Greenpaw, and you.
  11. "Silverstar should change your name to Mauledface!" Lightingpaw teases aloud. "YOU AREN'T TALKING TO MY SON LIKE THAT, ARE YOU?!" Goldenpelt hisses from the nursery.
  12. "I feel sorry for Darkpaw, don't you?" Greenpaw mutters.
  13. Darkpaw is constantly sad, and Lightningpaw constantly teases him along with Rosepaw.

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