Warrior cat love story part one~shecatsonly

No one reads this but I have to write this anyways. This is a warrior love story quiz. You are Mintyshine, and Reedtail, Ashstep, Bracken and Whiteblaze love you. You get to pick a mate and have kits!

Who do you love? Take this quiz to find out! You will get to pick what you do and say. You will have an amazing surprise at the end! I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Peyton_kittylover
  1. Dawnpelt licks you on the cheek. Owlstar leaps onto the highrock. "Hawkpaw," he says. "You have trained hard to become a warrior. You shall now be known as Hawkeyes." The clan cheered your brothers name. "Hawkeyes! Hawkeyes!" Owlstar turns towards you. "Mintypaw. You shall now be known as Mintyshine!" The clan cheered. Reedtail, a red tom, pads up to you.
  2. "Hi," he says, shuffling his paws. "Congratulations." "Thanks," you say. "Owlstar said to show you towards your den," He said, more smoothly now. "Follow me!" he bounded off toward the warriors den, entering. He showed you to one in the back. "Right there," he said. "Next to mine," Some-cat called his name. "I've got to go," he said. "Bye, I lo... he trailed off.
  3. You settle down to sleep. A gray tom settles in front of you. "I was at your ceremony today," he says. "Congrats, Mistyshine." You say..
  4. The gray tom says, "I'm Ashstep." he slowly drifts of into sleep. He closes his eyes and purrs. You hear him mumble your name. It's almost time for your vigil, so you decide to go hunting. You walk out of camp. You spot a mouse.
  5. You drop into hunters crouch. You stalk towards it, snaking yourself closer and closer towards it. You were about to leap, when a claw snatched it. You look up. A brown tabby rogue is staring at you. He had the mouse in his paws. "I-I'm sorry..." he trailed off. "I just don't have much food..." you noticed how skinny he was. "Here take it," he shoved the mouse towards you. "I'll catch something else another day." he sighed. "No," you say. "Have it." his gazed softend, like it was by love. "Thank you,"
  6. "What's your name?" he asked. "Mistyshine." You answer. "i'm Bracken," he said. "Are you always alone?" YOu ask. "Well, yes." he admitted. "That's sad," you say. The bushes behind them rustled. A dog leaped out, followed by another. Bracken leapt in front of you. The dog leapt for him. "NO!" You yell. A white blur swatted the dog in the face, giving just enough time for Bracken to run away. Both of the dogs come your way. The white tom. leapt on one of their backs, making it yowl it pain. The dog wriggled him off and ran away. The other dog bit your belly. You yowled in pain, unable to move. The white tom beat and battered the dog's muzzle, making him stop biting her. The tom looks at you. "Are you hurt?" he asked, with a tone of sympathy in his voice. You couldn't reply. "Let's get you fixed up," he said, heaving you onto his back, and heading off toward camp. You whisper to yourself..,.,
  7. You open your eyes, to see the white tom. Ferretwhisker, the medicine cat, was adding a polluce to your stomach. "You were asleep all day!" he sighed. "Are you okay?" "Yes, I'm fine," you answer. You noticed he had a green eye and one blue eye. "I'm Whiteblaze," he said. "I'm Mintyshine," You say. "If your fine," Whiteblaze says. "Maybe we could go hunting?" You reply....
  8. No matter what you said, Ferretwhisker breaks in. "You need to go. You should stretch your legs." You get up and follow Whiteblaze into the forest. A cat leaps down from a tree. Then another. Another one sneaks behind you. It was Reedtail =, Ashstep and Bracken. "We have something to tell you," Reedtail meowed. "We all really like you, and we want you to choose your mate," "Choose now," Ashstep says.
  9. Two moons later, you are pregnant with kits. Ferretwhisker is giving you a few poppy seeds to lessen the pain. "It's time!" you yowl. Your mate, who ever you pick comes rushing in hear. Ferretwhisker licks your belly. You have two kits. A tom and a she-cat.
  10. If you chose Reedtail as your mate, the tom is named Firekit (Fireclaw) and the she-cat is named Fernkit (Ferntail). If your mate was Ashstep the tom is Graykit (Graywhisker) the she-cat is named Featherkit (Featherfur) . If you chose Bracken, the tom is Snarky, and the she-cat is Relly. If you chose Whiteblaze, the tom is Strongkit (Strongclaw) the she-cat is Emeraldkit (Emeraldshine)

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