Warrior Cat Love Story Part 1

Why are you here? For fun? To find your true love? Or whatever why are you asking me this? Why do you wanna know? Or all? Probably not. I think......

Do you like a funny, kind, Tom like Snowkit? A strong, determined cat like Brackenkit? Or are you just regular? This story will say your part! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Morninglight
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  1. You are walking through a bright, sunny, forest but you feel a sharp poke. You whipped around but there was nothing so you kept on walking. Then you felt it again, and again, and again!
  2. You wake up and you see a pure white tom and you recognize him as your denmate, Snowkit. "Hey, stop it!" You purred and he apologized. You think:
  3. He actually wanted to play a game with you. It was to defeat the evil apprentice/"beast", which was a pretty, gray she-cat named Rosepaw. You said yes and you realized your littermates and one other Tom were gonna play the game as well. The Tom was a brown tabby Tom named Brackenkit. He was serious and he was strong. You think:
  4. To tell you, you are Morningkit. A pretty light brown tabby she kit with a white underbelly and bright blue eyes and your littermates are just one Tom and one shecat. The Tom is Lionkit and the shecat is Blossomkit.
  5. You and the kits were running around, looking for Rosepaw but then as you went passed a bush, something grabbed you and covered your muzzle so you couldn't speak. You think:
  6. Then...
  8. Wait, one last thing. I think. Did you like it?
  9. Okay, whatever you chose. I will make more!
  10. LAST ONE! Will you like, or not?

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