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  • "There’s a song, and I can’t find it 😭"
  • Hi everyone.
    "Take as long as you need, and wishing you the best. Remember that we love you so much 🧡🧡"
  • "When a person lies and it hurts someone else < when a person tells the truth and it hurts someone else. I understand like bo"
  • "Delulu"
  • "delulu"
  • "Like she has so much free time that she’s able to stalk every single f---ing person. And don’t get me started on the way that I KNOW she goe"
  • "No, because I know that me and this guy have nothing to do with each other, but my friend is still stalking him and acting like we know each..."
  • ""The thing she protected all the way up till then, now belongs to a boy she'll never see again" holy s---"
  • "I was talking to my friend and she pointed out that this is really one-sided so I'm gonna stop talking to him b/c maybe I got the wrong idea..."
  • "congrats!!"
  • "Where’s this a--holery even coming from"
  • "And one time my parents wanted to go out together in that country, and they left my siblings and i with our relatives. Except we don’t know "
  • "This summer we’re visiting my mom’s relatives, but they’re like halfway across the world and I don’t speak the language, and the city overwh"
  • "Like I understand that it’s exciting to go on trips and stuff, but if my entire family isn’t with me, I’ll get sad and actually start to fee"
  • "I’m traveling with just my mom and little sister until Tuesday, and miss my brother, older sister, dog, Guinea pigs, fish, and dad."

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