How Well Do You Know Hamilton?

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This is on the musical by the way. I’ve seen the play and it’s really good, in my opinion at least! My knowledge isn’t too strong so this should be a fairly easy quiz.

I kinda just hum along to the songs and I constantly have them stuck in my head. I love animatic sketches to Hamilton songs and I tried to make a few myself. It didn’t turn out too well.... I forgot to say, “Hey hey! It’s me, Chameleon!” So there it is...

Created by: ChameleonLeap

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  1. Who did Alexander Hamilton marry?
  2. Who sings Wait for It?
  3. Who killed Alexander Hamilton?
  4. Which is a deleted song?
  5. When does Hamilton take place?
  6. How many people sing in Aaron Burr, Sir?
  7. In the song Alexander Hamilton how many things did Hamilton say he hadn’t done yet?
  8. Name all the Schuyler sister.
  9. Which song does Eliza sing in?
  10. How does Alexander Hamilton die?
  11. Who did Hamilton have an affair with after marrying?
  12. What advice does Aaron Burr tell Alexander Hamilton in Aaron Burr, Sir?
  13. Where is Lafayette from?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Hamilton?