Which are you Hamilton or Jefferson?

Take this quiz in order to find out which founding father you are most like. This quiz will help you understand the difference between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

After taking this quiz you will realize that the founding fathers differed greatly on the way that the government should be run. This lead to a great debate with Washington's first Administration!

Created by: Marc

  1. How should the constitution be interpreted?
  2. How should the economy be handled?
  3. How much power should the federal government have?
  4. Who should pay for the war debt?
  5. Should the US support the French in the French Revolution?
  6. Should the US create a national bank?
  7. Should a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution?
  8. Who is more important to the national economy?
  9. What part of the country do you like best?
  10. Should slavery be abolished.

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Quiz topic: Which am I Hamilton or Jefferson?