An AllieB specail: What Hamilton Character Are You?

HEY ALLIE BLOY HERE! I hope you like Hamilton cause that's what this quiz is about! The possibilities are Hamilton, Eliza, Angelica, Jefferson and Burr.

In this quiz, you will find out which character you are, or you're best friends with. Please comment and rate! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Created by: Allie Boly

  1. *doesn't effect* Pick a character:
  2. What grades do you get in school?
  3. Do you think we should've fought in the French and English war?
  4. Pretend you're in the 1800s. Jefferson or Burr for president?
  5. When you got back from France did everyone in Monticello sing a song about you?
  6. Have you ever had an affair?
  7. Do you think about being promoted?
  8. Will you ever be satisfied?
  9. Will you rate and comment?
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: An AllieB specail: What Hamilton Character am I?