How Jefferson are you?

This is just a simple quiz for kid who grew up in Jefferson Township, NJ. The results are not to be taken seriously. It's just for fun. (I have to put at least 150 words for my summary.)

Did you grow up in Jefferson? Did you move to Jefferson? Do you love Jefferson? Do you hate Jefferson? Did you go to JTMS then JTHS or PJ? Take the quiz.

Created by: Jaclyn

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  1. If someone asks where you're from, you usually just tell them north Jersey so you can avoid having to name all the towns surrounding Jefferson.
  2. The first few weeks of middle school were amazingly awkward due to the social segregation between the two sides of town. (We eventually warmed up to each other though.)
  3. The sight of a bear doesn't faze you much at all.
  4. Weldon-Espanong, Berkshire Valley-Oak Ridge, 15, and/or 23 are roads that you travel on daily.
  5. You know that you should take bombs scares seriously, but you stopped doing so a long time ago. (Do the back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back bomb scares of '99 ring any bells?)
  6. You don't necessarily comprehend the phrase "JTOWN WHAT?!" although you've screamed it with pride.
  7. Jefferson Day may be lame, but you still feel obligated to at least make an appearance every year. (Usually for the fireworks.)
  8. You've ran to the barn and back. (Or at least know what I'm talking about.)
  9. You've been to some type of party (birthday, graduation, etc.) at Lake Forest Yacht Club.
  10. You've gone to the bagel shop before/after you went to Each One Reach One. (Or would have if you knew you wouldn't be caught.)
  11. You've gone to AJ's and/or Jefferson Dairy after some sort of sporting event as a kid.
  12. Is it Milton? Is it Oak Ridge? Is it Lake Hopatcong? Is it Wharton? Enough already. Can't we get our own Jefferson Township zip code?
  13. You think/once thought Sparta kids are/were all rich snobs.
  14. Half your friends from middle school went to Pope John for high school.
  15. You've sat on the heater during a class.
  16. You've seen multiple administrators come and go throughout your middle school and high school years.
  17. Milton Video holds a special place in your heart.
  18. The lake may be disgusting, but you love it anyway.
  19. You were affected by Hurricane Floyd in one way or another. (The bridge was washed out for so long.)
  20. As a kid, you spent many a rainy day at the "inner" or "outer" theatre before they were closed.
  21. You've ran in a Jefferson Day relay or participated in the fishing contest.
  22. You know who Officer Eric is.
  23. You've been to the flea market at Lakeside.
  24. You've played on a JSL/MRA team.
  25. You know where all the cops hide on Weldon, Berkshire Valley, 15, and/or 23.
  26. You resented Jefferson until you went away to college.

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