What 'Married... with Children' adult are you?

'Married... with Children' was a sitcom with many diverse personalities. Al, Peg, Jefferson, and Marcy all had similarities... and differences. That's what made the show one with a level of predictability... and unpredictability.

So, which of the four above adults are you? This quiz will at least narrow down the results! It'll only take a few minutes, if that, so why wait? Start now!

Created by: Jeff Hadley
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  1. If you were to have kids, what would you most likely name them after?
  2. If your kids came home in handcuffs, what would be the first thing you'd say?
  3. The neighbors are coming over. What is the most likely reason?
  4. If you go outside to work on something, what is the liklihood the neighbors will come out as well?
  5. You have been accepted to go on to a gameshow, and must pick a partner. Who do you pick?
  6. You won a contest. Who did you beat?
  7. Your friends are over. What is the most likely reason?
  8. You got a new job. What do you accredit it to?
  9. A fat woman asks you a question about her weight. How do you answer?
  10. Tomorrow is your spouse's birthday, which means what to you?

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Quiz topic: What 'Married... with Children' adult am I?