Which Founding Father Are You?

Are you Alexander Hamilton? Are you John Adams? Are you Thomas Jefferson? Take the test to find out!!! Educate yourself in early U.S. politics and see out it relates to today.

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Created by: Scott O'Furry

  1. Do you think we should have a professional military?
  2. Do you support an American Empire?
  3. Are you a fan of democratic egalitarianism?
  4. Should we have open borders and unregulated immigration?
  5. If state-sponsored terrorists harass U.S. citizens abroad, then what should we do?
  6. Are you a friend to industrial capitalism and high finance?
  7. Are you a fan of industrial subsidies, protective tariffs, and other pro-business policies?
  8. Are you a fan of states' rights?
  9. Are you a strong supporter of the Occupy movement?
  10. If you were alive during the presidency of George Washington, then would you support him and his policies?
  11. Should we have unhindered free speech?
  12. Should the national government be allowed to go into debt by selling government bonds?
  13. Should national security be a primary concern for the national government?
  14. Do you have any major problems with monarchy and aristocracy?
  15. Should government openly work with business to build a strong economy?
  16. Should the U.S. actively encourage democratic revolutions abroad?
  17. Are you a fan of American nationalism?
  18. Should we strive to become the strongest nation in the world?

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Quiz topic: Which Founding Father am I?