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I don’t even have that much to say... But you guys on GoToQuiz have super unique personalities and you’re all super fun to hang around. I enjoy the time that I’m here, well, most times.

So yeah, these are hard to fill up but whatever. I’ll probably do a better better shout out quiz once I meet more people here. So... please take this quiz and have a nice rest of the day :3

Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. Zilla- you’re a super cool user and you’re so creative! You’ve got a good sense of humor as well.
  2. Dragonsfire- I love roleplaying with you. I like how you aren’t afraid to say your opinion. You’re super nice and friendly, too!
  3. Eggaly- Roleplays are so fun when you’re in them, not even gonna lie. Your polls are great and you’re funny too!
  4. SprinkledSpice- You’re so remarkable and creative! Your roleplays are fantastic and so fun. I love how in every line in a roleplay you use different words for variety (or at least I think that’s why.)
  5. Jacob- You’re such a social person! Sometimes I need a break from because of your amount energy. It’s always fun to have you around to talk to.
  6. WowCrazyInsane- you’re such a kind person! It’s so fun to have you to talk to, especially in the Houseville thread.
  7. Candy- you’re so chill and cool! I look forward to talking to you more.
  8. Faceless Knight- You’re super chill. The times that I’ve seen you interact with other users, you’ve been pretty funny.
  9. MajesticLucifer-You’re very creative and you make a lot of super cool things out of letters, number, and stuff like that
  10. I don’t really know what else to say.... oh wait.. I have one more mention...
  11. ChameleonLeap- Thanks for always being there by my side and being a great friend. I love the fact that whenever I’m on, you are!

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