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Created by: ChameleonLeap

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  1. Here are the basic things you should know-
  2. My dog likes to ____(V) in the ____(P).
  3. And my food looks like ____(C) ____(L).
  4. Does ____(M) like Cheetos?
  5. I like ____(C) ____(M).
  6. I won’t ____(V) on this quiz.
  7. My favorite sports are ____(V) and _____ (M) tipping.
  8. I ____(V) this morning while eating ____(L).
  9. If you don’t _____(V) and _____(V) this quiz I will throw a ____(M) at you.
  10. Life is ____(A).
  11. My dream vacation is at ______(P).
  12. I have a crush on a purple _____(M).
  13. _____(C) _____(M) hate ______(P)
  14. ____(F) tastes ____(A).
  15. I worked hard on this _____(N).
  16. I worked at ____(P) with ____(Famous Person) as my manager.

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