How Well Do You Know Warrior Cats?

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How well do you know Warrior Cats? Warrior cats honestly has been part of my life. I read Into The Wild in third grade and fell in love with the series.

I hope you enjoy this quiz and love warrior cats as much as I do! If you don’t know what Warriors is, please read it. You will fall in love with the characters.

Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. What was Firestar’s kitty pet name?
  2. Who found the Moonstone?
  3. Who had a crush on Sandstorm in the first few books?
  4. Who is Mapleshade?
  5. Who were Bluestar’s mate and kits?
  6. Who was Crowfeather’s last mate?
  7. Who will Crowfeather be with in StarClan?(Partly opinionated but there’s a pretty logical answer)
  8. Who were the “three”?
  9. Who found the Moonpool?
  10. Who was Bluestar’s sister?
  11. What clan is led by Leafstar?
  12. Who is Bluestar’s nephew?
  13. Who are Alderpaw’s parents?
  14. Who are Leafpool’s kits?
  15. Who is the badger that told Crowfeather and Leafpool to go back to the clans?
  16. What does catmint do?
  17. What is another name for a deathberry?
  18. Who is Violetshine’s mate?
  19. Why does Brightheart only drink from moving streams?
  20. Who was the friend trio in the first series?

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