How Well Do You Know Firestar? (Warriors)

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Do you read the Warrior Cats series? If so, you must know of the legendary Firestar. He was introduced in the first book of the first arc, Into the Wild.

Do you really think you know Firestar? Find out here and test your knowledge on this character from everyone's favorite Warrior Cats franchise! Good luck! :)

Created by: TeaBeanie

  1. What color is Firestar's pelt?
  2. What color are Firestar's eyes?
  3. Who is Firestar's father?
  4. What was Firestar's first name?
  5. Firestar was originally a...
  6. Which clan was Firestar in?
  7. Who was Firestar's mate?
  8. What is Firestar's role? (last role)
  9. How old was Firestar when he died?
  10. What caused Firestar's death?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Firestar? (Warriors)