warrir cats love results part 1

Okay, I know nobody reads this but I have to put it in. So, do you ever wonder what you warrior cat's love life would be? Well now you can find out. warrior cats

This test is for she-cats only! It wouldnt make ANY SENSE WHAT-SO-EVER if a guy took it i will make one for guys it will just take a little bit. i hope you find out who you love out of these three cats

Created by: Goldenstream

  1. You have just been made a warrior!!! Your clan cheers your name!!! Your mentor pads up to you, "Icestorm, tonight you will have to sit vigil."
  2. Since it's only sun-high you pad over t the fresh-kill pile and realize how pitiful it is. You pick up a scrawny shrew then go to settle underneath a shady tree that hangs over camp. Birchstar, your father, comes over to you and rests his tail on your shoulder, "Icestorm," he began," When you finish eating I want you to find Snowclaw. He will be leading the sun-down hunting patrol. It should be quick so you can be back before you have to start your vigil." -What are you thinking now?
  3. You quickly finish your prey then go looking for Snowclaw. You begin to walk forward while not watching where you going. You bump into some one! "Ow!" the other cat jumps. The cat is a handsome white tom with sleek fur and dark blue eyes. You quickly take a step back,"S-sorry," you stammer. "It's cool," the tom meows, "Congrats on being a warrior Icestorm. I'm Snowclaw, Scarstar said you would be coming on a patrol with me."
  4. Snowclaw shakes out his fur,"I'll get Ripplescales, he's the other cat going hunting with us." You follow Snowclaw across the clearing to two cats talking. There was a yellow tabby tom with green eyes and a small tortoiseshell she-cat. You know the she-cat because she is an apprentice and you shared a den with her. You figure the gray tom must be Ripplescales. Ripplescales looks up from his apprentice," What's up?" he asks. Snowclaw flicked his ear, "It's time for the patrol." Ripplescales nods then rises to his paws, he gazes at you but stays silent. What do you do?
  5. You finally pad out of camp and Ripplescales suggests that they split up. You nod and Snowclaw dips his head in agreement. Soon after, you catch the scent of a vole. You quietly stalk it for a long ways, not noticing how far you have strayed. You followed it all the way to the training clearing! Just as you bunch up your hind legs to pounce, the bracken ahead of you rustles and a rouge pops out! He lands on top of you and pin you down. The rouges slashes at your muzzle with sharp claws.
  6. Everything you tried failed when suddenly a cat from your clan bursts from the trees! It is a large, brown colored tom with fierce dark green eyes and his pelt was criss-crossed with scars. "Hang on Icestorm!" The tom leaps forward and rakes his claws down the rogues side. With teeth and claws the two toms, the clan cat and the rogue, were in a furious battle. It was only a matter of moments before the rogue yelped and ran off. "Wh-what's your name?" you asked as you gazed at the large silver tom. "My name is Bearclaw"
  7. Snowclaw and Ripplescales emerge from the trees, looking startled. "Don't worry, everything's fine, Bearclaw meowed, his green eyes sparkling. Snowclaw quickly dashed forward and touched his nose to your shoulder, "Are you ok?!" he asked, worried.
  8. you notice Ripplescales cast Snowclaw a warning glance, while it looks like Bearclaw's is starting to bristle. Ripplescales slowly pads forward and licks one your ear that had been torn by the rogue.
  9. Suddenly, a cat burst through the ferns, her white fur puffed up and her legs trembling. Bearclaw took a step forward, "Hollybreeze! What's happened?!" Hollybreeze stared at the the cats in the small clearing, her green eyes glittering with worry. Bearclaw raised his voice, "Hollybreeze! What's wrong?!" Hollybreeze gazed at you, her eyes filled with sorrow, "Scarstar... Scarstar's dead!"
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