Warrior Cat Love Story. ( For She-Cats! )

This is a warrior cats love story, for she-cats only. (Sorry toms!) In this quiz you will follow the story of Lakekit, a FireClan apprentice, as she finds her true love in the warriors world.

What do you think? Will you find your true love in Oakpaw, a sweet and fun-loving apprentice? Or Frostpaw, an icy, distant tom? Or maybe Swiftstream, a dashing, and handsome young warrior? Or will you be mateless forever? Please enjoy this quiz!!

Created by: Tigerfang

  1. You are a kit in the nursery. You blink open your eyes, and see your mother gazing down at you. She is a beautiful pure-white she-cat with brilliant blue eyes. What are your thiughts?
  2. The white she-cat, who is indeed your mother, nudges you gently with her nose. "Hello, Lakekit," she says. "Do you want to go out and play?"
  3. No matter your answer, suddenly, a ginger tom-kit bursts into the nursery. "Hi Lakekit! Ya' wanna' play??"
  4. "Go on," Your mother urges. "Go play. It will be good for you."
  5. You and Oakkit start playing moss-ball. When Oakkit leaps to catch the moss, he falls on top of you. "Oh! Um, s-sorry, Lakekit!" He stutters, blushing.
  6. Then another kit comes up. "What are you guys doing?" he asks. "Were playing a game!" You reply. "With a scrap of moss?" He asks clearly confused. "Um, yeah, it's called moss-ball. It's really fun. Wanna play?" "Uh, no thanks" he says and wanders off. "You'll have to excuse Frostkit. He was abandoned by his mom when he was really little, and Leafstar took him into the clan." Oakkit says.
  7. A few moons later, you, Oakpaw, and Frostpaw are apprentices. Your mentors are, Firepool, Winterbreath, and Jadeclaw.
  8. A few moons into your training, Oakpaw comes up to you and asks you if you want to sneak out of camp and hunt.
  9. If you said no to Oakpaw, go on to the next question and don't answer this one. While you are hunting, you are caught by your mentor, Firepool. He takes you back to camp and you are punished.
  10. If you said yes to Oakpaw, don't answer this question. Oakpaw stares at you, disappointment filling his eyes. You feel a prickle of guilt, but you push it away. He would have gotten me into trouble! you think. You walk off.
  11. One day you are sleeping in the apprentice's den, when Frostpaw sits up, turns to you, and says, "Lakepaw, I... I need to tell you something. For the longest time, I've had this feeling inside of me whenever I look at you. It's... it's like, when I'm with you, I can just forget all of my worries, and just be myself. I... I love you Lakepaw. Please say you love me back." He looks at you, love and desperation battling in his eyes.
  12. If you tell Frostpaw that you love him, skip this question and go on to the next one. You stare at Frostpaw in shock, and then rush out of the den. As you do, you slam into another cat. "Woah, watch out there" The cat says. You look up and realize that he is Swiftstream, a young warrior. "What's wrong?" He asks. (After you answer this question, skip to question 14)
  13. If you don't love Frostpaw, don't answer this question. You gaze into each other's eyes for a moment, and finally you tell him, "Frostpaw, I... I love you too. But were just apprentices. We can't be mates." "But we will be warriors soon" He says. "Allright." you agree. "But let's wait until were warriors."
  14. After you tell Swiftstream what happened, he looks at you sympathetically, and murmurs, "That must be hard for you. Do you want to come share some prey with me?"
  15. If you choose to go find Oakpaw, Skip this question. You follow Swiftstream to the fresh-kill pile, and he picks out a plump rabbit. You sit down next to him, and you eat. After you've eaten, he leans over and shyly nuzzles you on the cheek. He leans back and looks down at his paws, embarrassed.
  16. "Um, Lakepaw?" He says nervously. "I've kind of been admiring you for a while now. I-I like you a lot, ya' know."
  17. When you find Oakpaw, he stares at you, surprised as you approach. "L-lakepaw?" He says.
  18. Finally, It's your warrior ceremony! You are given the name Lakeshine, Oakpaw is Oakheart and Frostpaw is Frostfoot.You become mates with Oakheart, and live on to have two beautiful kits, Spottedkit and Hawkkit. You grow old with your mate and die peacefully in your sleep.
  19. Finally, it's your warrior ceremony! Your new name is Lakeshine, Oakpaw is Oakheart, and Frostpaw is Frostfoot. You become mates with Swiftstream, and you have three beautiful kits together, Amberkit, Streamkit and Skykit. You grow old together and you die peacefully in your sleep.
  20. Finally, it's your warrior ceremony! Your new name is Lakeshine, Oakpaw's is Oakheart, and Frostpaw's is Frostfoot. You become mates with Frostfoot and you have one beautiful kit together, Vixenkit. You grow old together and you die peacefully in your sleep.
  21. Yay! You finished the quiz! Did you like it?

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