warrior cats love results part 2

This is part two of Warrior Cat Love Results . I would highly advise you to take my first quiz before you take this one, it will just make more sense!

In the first quiz you found out that you father, Scarstar, had been killed, you had just been made a warrior, and there were three toms, Snowclaw, Ripplescales and Bearclaw. I'm going to throw in two more toms too! 8D

Created by: Goldenstream

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  3. So, do you remember who you liked for the first test?
  4. After Hollybreeze gives the news about Scarstar you race back to camp with Bearclaw, Snowclaw and Ripplescales at your tail.
  5. You reach camp to find a bunch of rogues attacking Scarstar's) limp body. A large black tom with bloodstained white paws is standing over Scarstar's body, yowling in triumph. What do you do?
  6. (No matter what you did) A orange tabby tom leaped at the tom who murdered Scarstar. You watched for a little while, then heard all of the cries of battle ring in your ears. Suddenly the battle stopped. The rogues fleed the camp. What did you do?
  7. After that, you go to Scarstar and sat next to him. Grief wells up inside of you. You then see the orange tabby tom who tried to save Scarstar. The tom leaned down to lick Scarstar's shoulder, "I'm sorry I couldn't save you," he whispered. You walk over to the tom. What do you say to him?
  8. The tom looks up, his green eyes were filled with greif. "My name is Fallenflames. I was at your warrior ceremoy, you're Icestorm." What do you do next?
  9. One moon passes and things have been rather peaceful. Chestnutstar became leader, she is a very nice and wise she-cat. She appointed Snowclaw as deputy. Bearclaw seemed jealous, but all of the clan was happy, beside Scarstar's death.
  10. You decide to go hunting alone. You follow a squirrel to the border of your territory. Suddenly the squirrel darts off and a cat walks out of the bushes. The rogue who killed Scarstar! Now that it wasn't the middle of battle he looked rather handsome. His fur had been groomed and there was no blood on his long hooked claws. He gave a purr and took a step closer, "I've been waiting for you. I see you on this border every day, and I just admire your beauty." What to you do?
  11. The tom gave another purr, "I'm Badger." he meowed,(Ignoring if you made a mean remark). He leaped forward and tried to press his muzzle to yours. HOLY STARCLAN!!! WHAT DO YOU DO!!!

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