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Hey y’all! I’m back with a second shoutout quiz. The first wasn’t too great, it didn’t include many people and I’ve talked to a lot more users here than back then.

I seriously hope you enjoy this quiz. Now for some spam fresh outta the can- didkksmsmakakkamsmsmsksksjwuwi sisksmsmsjwiiwnsmsmsisjs sksusmskjsjsmsmsmsjsjs

Created by: ChameleonLeap

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  1. Dragonsfire- I think you’re the second person I talked to on this site. Anyways, it’s always super great to talk to you and rant with you on certain topics, GTQ certainly wouldn’t be the same without you.
  2. Waffle Kitty- You’re such a kind and gentle person! I love talking to you and hopefully we can chat more.
  3. Faceless Knight- You’re really fun to talk to, peace out, my fellow pierogi lover.
  4. Mused Jade- The third person I talked to here. I’d say that GTQ definitely would be different without you. You’re so sweet and humble, and in general you’re a great person to talk to.
  5. Typical Normie- I haven’t talked to you much at all, but you seem really friendly and funny, so hopefully we can talk on the forums or wherever else.
  6. Quizmaster- I’d consider you one of my good friends here. You’re really kind and sweet, I really enjoy talking to you.
  7. Graced- You’re very sweet, and the short while that I conversed with you was very enjoyable.
  8. Clefairy- I know who you are >:)
  9. Devil Kid- I really enjoy talking to you, and I find you pretty relatable.
  10. The Actual Boss- You seem really friendly and I wish I had more to say about you, but unfortunately I haven’t talked to you much yet.
  11. Zilla- You’re super funny and it’s super fun to talk to you.
  12. The Geek- Hello. You’re pretty nice and hopefully we can talk more often.
  13. Sprinkled Spice- The first person I’ve ever met. You’re super weird (in the best way), and talking to you is a really nice thing to do. You’re very relatable to me.
  14. Here are a few bonus people-
  15. Dark- You’re an amazing mod and GTQ would literally not be the same if you weren’t here. I think many people really like you here, you’re sure responsible and you take action to trolls immediately. Keep up the great work!
  16. Eggaly- You’re an eggscellent person and your egg puns are darn amazing (even though I’ve heard them a billion times).
  17. Keyboard- You’re so funny and kind. You’re really exiting and I love talking to you.
  18. Welp, that’s all for today! I really hope you enjoyed these Shoutouts. I appreciate all of y’all.
  19. Now... for a surprise user
  20. WowCrazyInsane and Elizabeth Adams- You two are probably some of my favorite users here. Each of you is so unique and I love role playing with y’all!

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