Should You Join the GTQ Forums?

Hey hey, what's up? It's Spice, your friendly frog! The GTQ Forums are a great place for chatting and making new friends, but we do have some rules here to ensure the safety of our users. Some of the questions aren't technically rules but are just not acceptable in general.

So, if you get 100% on this test, congratulations! You're ready to become part of our community. If not, then you shouldn't join, at least not yet. Thank you! Please enjoy :D

Created by: SprinkledSpice

  1. Are you 13 or over?
  2. Would you post any links or images of gory or sexual material?
  3. Would you post private or personal information about someone, such as another user, without their consent?
  4. Would you harass other users even if they tell you to stop?
  5. Would you listen to the mods when they give you warnings?
  6. Would you say inappropriate things or terms? (example: posting, using in quizzes, using in username, using in thread, etc.)
  7. Would you flirt with or date an underage user (if you are an adult)?
  8. Would you copy or steal someone's ideas or content?
  9. Would you pull dramatic stunts (such as faking death, attempts on your life, etc.) for attention?
  10. Would you abuse power? (example: using mod powers to harass others or break the GTQ Forum rules)

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Quiz topic: Should I Join the GTQ Forums?