The Original TBH Quiz

Listen, I’m just being honest here. Now don’t be hurt because of what I’m saying and just snatch this opportunity to become a better person in general.

Everyone has their flaws and bonuses. I’ll honestly be alright if you get ticked off at me, because y’all asked for this. Hopefully, you don’t take this too personally, because I like living :)

Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. Alright, these are all in order. Enjoy!
  2. Dragonsfire— You’re definitely one of the most honest users here. You understand people’s problems and you constantly strive to make yourself a better person. But I find it slightly awkward to talk to you and post something that isn’t completely relatable to you, and you simply reply with, “Ok.” It’s a little hard to continue on the conversation. I really enjoy playing things in the Arcade with you, and you never fail to amaze me.
  3. NeonSpectre— Sadly, I really don’t talk to you much on the Forums. The times I have seen you in conversation didn’t give me much of a clue of your personality. Overall, you seem like a really interesting person that I definitely can’t relate to. But you seem super spunky and you’ve got a very unique sense of humor.
  4. FacelessKnight— Even though I’ve had multiple conversations with you, on Discord and the Forums, I feel like I still don’t exactly know you. You’re super funny and I really enjoy talking to you. Sometimes I feel as if you don’t take full responsibility for your actions and you let people off very easily. Other than that, you’re a great person and chatting with you is enjoyable.
  5. Eggaly— I love your sense of humor, your jokes are absolutely outta this world and I laugh at almost all of them. You seem very friendly and wonky in your own way, talking to you is always relatable and I feel like I really know you. You express your feelings amazingly well, but sometimes you use dark humor in times where dark humor isn’t appropriate.
  6. RainInTheShadows— Gah, I honestly don’t know much to anything about you. I really wish I could know you better, you seem like a nice person. As far as I can tell, you handle things well and your sense of humor is extremely unique. I just wish I knew you better to type a long paragraph.
  7. Sniperlazy— You really don’t give yourself enough credit, and out of all honesty you seem a bit negative too. Other than that you deal with things very well and I hope we can talk sometime.
  8. WowCrazyInsane— I gotta admit, you’ve really changed me on GTQ. I feel like I can trust you with just about anything. One of your major flaws is that you’re not on often, and I don’t know when you’ll come on once you leave- it’s really inconsistent and unpredictable.
  9. PointlessDreams— You’re a very responsible and mature person but you give off some negative depressioney vibes to those around you. You seem like you know a lot about life’s troubles and you help a lot of people out.
  10. FluffyEtini— You seem super friendly and slight introverted. You seem, forgive me if I’m wrong, like you only talk to those you know? I’m super sorry if I’ve got you all wrong, I really haven’t talked to you much at all. So sorry.
  11. katqueen45— You’re super friendly and relatable, and you’re artwork is just incredible! Your roleplay ideas are just out of this world and nothing can compare to them.
  12. DracoOfIllusions— You’ve got an extremely unique and set apart kind of personality. I like how you always have a slightly grim solution to every situation . But you can be incredibly edgy and dark sometimes, which can occasionally scare me a bit.
  13. SprinkledSpice— You’re a super friendly and kind person with a good sense in roleplaying. I just wish you would join us on the Lounge sooner. But as a few people have already said, you seem to take limited spots in many roleplays, which doesn’t exactly give others that chance to grab a spot.
  14. That’s all for now, guys!

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