AshFlight Love Story

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Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. If you decided to leave with AshFlight then this is the quiz for you! If you didn’t take the other quiz.... TAKE IT.
  2. AshFlight sits up after you say yes. He circles you around and around. It’s like his looking for something. He purrs and murmurs, “Let’s go then.” Now? You didn’t even say goodbye to the others! AshFlight looks into your eyes, “I know, but they’ll stop us if we say goodbye.” You reluctantly follow him away.
  3. AshFlight pads next to you and licks your ear. “We should change our names to make sure the cats in the mountains don’t think we’re still clan-cats.” Change you name!? You think, I worked so hard for this name! “Fine” you say. AshFlight takes the suffix (Flight) out of his name, you do the same. AshFlight is now Ash and you are now (Y/N). You head up a winding path that goes into the mountains, Ash leads the way. You can’t help admiring his courage and bravery. You can imagine him sitting next to you with 3 small kits at your belly. You purr at the thought of kits. Although you two are not mates yet, you still like the thought of kits. Ash goes off the path to a small circle of bushes. He says this is where you and him will sleep.
  4. You settle down as Ash leaves to go get some fresh-kill. You hear a sharp squeak and Ash comes out with two mice in his jaws. He pads to you and gives you the plumper mouse. He sits on his haunches and stares outside. You start to eat your mouse but stop when you see him sniffing about the bushes. He pulls out a rose and holds it in his mouth. He puts it down in front of you as your eyes widen. “Will you be my mate?”
  5. You wake up in the morning to find Ash gone. You get up frantically and look around calling his name. He appears out of the bushes, “Relax.” He tells you “I was just looking around for a permanent home.”
  6. Whatever you said Ash wraps his tail around you, taking his time. You say, “C’mon, we have a home to find.” Ash looks a bit disappointed but continues walking anyways. The sun is beating down on you as you pant. “Just a little further.” Ash tells you reassuringly. You see a small pool of water with some bushes surrounding it. Ash spots it too and asks you whether you would like to go there.
  7. Whatever you said you end up going to the small pool. You and Ash pad towards the pool of water. He sniffs the water and takes a drink. You take a few laps at the water, but your stomach interrupts you. Although you just ate you feel hungry, as if you were eating for two. Ash passes you a thrush and you gobble it up. He licks you cheek and looks at your belly, “are you finally full?” He grins. The small thought of kits pops into your head. “I’m thinking the same thing.” Ash says. You nod.
  8. A couple months later. You look down at the three newborn kits at your belly. Ash licks your cheek and gazes proudly at his new kits. “What should we name them?” You ask.
  9. You sit outside and watch your kits playing. Ash pads around the corner with three small sparrows in his jaws. He gives you one and another to the kits to eat. He takes one for himself and it’s it in a flash. Before you eat yours you help tear off small pieces for the kits to eat. They keep on playing afterwards and roll around and around. You notice it starting to rain and you tell Ash that you should get inside before it thunders.
  10. It rains lightly and Ash says that you should find a new home before the pond floods. Flame overhears his father and says, “Will we have to leave now?” Ash’s reply is yes. You leave your den, sadly. You hold Bright in your jaws and Ash holds Hawk, while Flame trails behind. It rains harder and harder and you come to a river. You can either cross the river here or cross it where it’s more shallow but the rain might be too heavy by then.
  11. [ONLY IF YOU CHOSE HERE] you tell you kits to wait on the banks of the river and you pick Hawk up. You take a few steps into the river and feel the current pushing you. You feel the sand give away under your paws and start swimming to the other side. You feel land under your paws again and you place a Hawk down. “Wait here.” You tell him sternly. You swim back as Ash takes Bright (the weakest and smallest kit) in his jaws and swims towards the banks of the river. You go back for Flame but you can’t see him anywhere! You yowl his name over and over again. You see a small speck of orange swimming towards the other side. You shriek and swim to him. You grab him by the scruff. Ash sets Bright down on a rock in the river and helps you and Flame to the other side. You start to swim back for Bright. A huge wave washes over you and knocks Bright off her feet. Ash is also trying to reach Bright but he can’t get anywhere because of the current. You grab Brights scruff when you see her and throw her towards the bank when you see another huge wave coming at you. The wave washes over you and carries you away from the your mate and kits. You screech and grab onto a log that’s dipping into the…
  12. [IF YOU CHOSE TO CROSS SHALLOW WATER] The rain beats down onto your pelt as you pad towards the shallower river crossing. You tell Hawk, Flame, and Bright to follow you as you cross the river. Ash is right behind the kits making sure they don’t slip. You lead them across stepping stones. You pause as you see a starry figure appear in front of you. The river doesn’t seem to affect him... you gasp, TroutWhisker!? He closes his eyes and you close yours. You see a vision of Bright getting swallowed by the waves. You open your eyes and see TroutWhisker disappear. You pick Bright up and thrust her to the opposite bank of the river, she lands safely and you also throw Flame and Hawk to the other side. Ash hurries to the other side and licks the kit’s fur. You head towards the bank of the river but slip and bang your head against a sharp rock. You feel the world spin and you see a blurry version of your surprised family dashing towards you.
  13. Everything turns black. You open your eyes, your in the air... you look down to see a calm river and a cat’s body on the banks of the river. You notice that it is your own. You look up to see the bright sky and sun. “I-I’m dead...” you say. You see Ash and your three kits mourning for your loss. You look up again to see cat figures in the sun’s glare. No..... you think. You close your eyes and join the ranks of StarClan after that you watch over your family and see them find a new den. You watch your three kits grow up to be amazing fighters. Your three kits (now adults) travel with their father to the clans, to join their relatives. Ash dies and joins you in StarClan. CheetahStar is mates with CherryFall, SharpStrike ended up in exile for killing Ash out of jealousy, and TroutWhisker end ups being leader after a CheetahStar. You watch CheetahStar, and TroutWhisker join your ranks. You meet them again and they rejoice. Although, they’re still bitter about how you chose AshFlight over them. Ash joins you as well after dying. Your kits grow up to be fine warriors.

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