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  • Hey
    ":( Poppy head"
  • Hey
    "You didn’t kiss back :("
  • Chameleon Country
    "Do it anyways"
  • Hey
    "Mad at U"
  • Appreciation Thread
    "I LOVE YOU f---ERS"
  • Emy
    "I'm sorry people are mean to you and you don’t deserve it :( Don’t ever think that you do because you’re literally f---ing amazing 👌 sooo"
  • Hey
    "Yeah I’m fine now"
  • Hey
    "I hate the way she touched me"
  • Hey
  • Little by Little
    "Emy is the goat"
  • "Emy omg"
  • Little by Little
    "Guess I’ll never know! :3 I’m great wbu"
  • Little by Little
    "Wow I wonder what it’s like to be a boy... 🤔"
  • Hey
    "I saw and replied"
  • Little by Little

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