Which Mythical Creature Are You?

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Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. The best thing about fantasy is the amazing world building, magic, and most of all, the mythical creatures. From dragons to unicorns, it’s hard not to find a creature you really like.

This quiz tells you which mythical creature you are most like based on some simple questions about yourself. The creatures featured in this quiz are dragons, vampires, unicorns, fairies, trolls, and werewolves. Which one will you get?

Created by: Zachroe
  1. Which color do you like best?
  2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  3. Which element do you feel like you connect with most?
  4. Which of these is most important to you?
  5. Which type of weather is your favorite?
  6. What is your favorite time of day?
  7. What’s your favorite season?
  8. What’s your favorite movie/book genre?
  9. Which place would you like to visit
  10. Which of these negative traits do you feel most?

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Quiz topic: Which Mythical Creature am I?