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  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "Cool it’s been taken 50 times"
  • super cool rp wooah
    "Daniel continued aiming his crossbow. "You foul creatures are nothing but evil" he said. "Where's the rest of your mates? I plan on killing ..."
  • Fantasy Roleplay
    "Awesome! Everyone can join. I will have to make a character thing. Spice, I hope you don't mind if I do something similar from our other rol..."
  • "Sounds about right"
  • Bullying
    "Maybe advertise in the lounge instead of this thread? It does seem insensitive. I’m sorry that happened to you, Espie. I’m glad"
  • "Which Mythical Creature Are You? Comme"
  • Fantasy Roleplay
    "Hi. I want to start a fantasy themed roleplay. I was thinking everyone could have characters that are different mythical creatures like in t..."
  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "Which Mythical Creature Are You?"
  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "Dragons are winning"
  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "Finally got it to work. Expect a new quiz tonight"
  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "Okay this is annoying, it won’t let me make a quiz :/"
  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "I’m going to make a quiz with these [poll.esD]"
  • Cool beans, warm beans
    "It won’t let me make a new quiz, it just reloads"
  • Art Thread
    "I love this!"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "Isn’t Twitter called something else now (I don’t use it so idk)"

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