The Vampire Quiz (Mortals Beware!)

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Ahahaha, welcome MORTAL! >:DI see you have stumbled upon my little vampire quiz, yes? What brings you here? Here to test your knowledge perhaps? Go ahead...

(Hey guys! Welcome to my quiz! I love vampires and I hope you do too! This quiz is super simple and easy, but it also sees how much you know about vampires! Let's begin, shall we?)

Created by: Zachroe

  1. How does one become a vampire?
  2. The term Vampire comes from the word "dhampir" meaning...
  3. What do you call a group of vampires?
  4. True or False? Vampires reflections are obscured
  5. How do you ward off a vampire?
  6. Which character is a vampire?
  7. Piercing THIS through the heart of a vampire is one of the most famous ways to kill them...
  8. True or false? Vampires can sexually reproduce and create another vampire.
  9. True or false? A vampire retains their appearance after being turned
  10. True or False? Vampires are immortal, but can be killed by specifics.

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