How Well Do You Know Me?

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Hi there! Welcome to my first quiz! I’ve just made my account here at Go To Quiz and thought this idea would make for a great quiz. This test is all about me, so have fun trying to guess!

You can see your score once you submit. I hope you enjoy this quiz and thanks for stopping by! Now let’s move on shall we...(This quiz was created by Graced)

Created by: Graced
  1. What’s my name?
  2. What are my pronouns?
  3. When is my birthday?
  4. What is my zodiac (star sign)?
  5. What’s my favorite color?
  6. Do I have any pets?
  7. Do I have siblings?
  8. Am I LGBTQ+?
  9. What is my favorite dessert?
  10. Where am I going to school?
  11. Do I have light or dark hair?
  12. What color are my eyes?
  13. Which is NOT one of my hobbies?
  14. How old am I?
  15. Would I rate on comment on this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?

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