How Well Do You Know Me?

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Hello! It’s me, Chameleon! How well do you know me? For those that don’t, I would love to meet you! I’m doing this mostly cause I’m bored but I also wanna know who knows me or not.

Some questions aren’t super obvious like what my favorite animal is. But many you can guess like my favorite color and my personality! These paragraphs just gave me away :3

Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. What do I look like?
  2. What’s my general attitude?
  3. What would my response be to this quote, “You have two lives, the second begins when you only have one.”
  4. What do you think my favorite animal is?
  5. How would I respond to this, “Where do you live?”
  6. Do I have any pets?
  7. Do I roleplay?
  8. Where do I chat most of the time?
  9. Have I read Wing of Fire?
  10. How old am I?
  11. Do I like cake?
  12. Do I bake for fun?
  13. Is it hard for me to tell someone off?
  14. Is my dog big or small?
  15. What level was I at the time I made this quiz?
  16. What is my profile picture?
  17. What’s my favorite color?
  18. What do you think would be my favorite ice cream flavor?

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