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Some fun facts about ChameleonLeap, I’m kinda bored and I need to level up anyways. I’m lazy so here comes the spam.... didkjssnnsjsmsmsnsnsmsmsnsnsjO

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Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. I’ve probably said this a lot, because I’m sorta proud. I’m related to Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the United States. I’m related to him by marriage on my dad’s side.
  2. While on the topic of relatives, I’m also related to the person who wrote the Lion King on Broadway, Julie Tay. My grandma’s cousin’s husband’s wife.
  3. Another relative thing. My great grandma on my mom’s side escaped a war with her six children, my grandpa being the youngest.
  4. My family went to Disney Land when I was five and I was asked to participate in the Lion King show, as a person who skipped around the bottom of the stage with those little egg maracas.
  5. Rhinos are my favorite animal, along with cow nose stingrays and occasionally jellyfish.
  6. Currently, I’m working on an animation based on my story in the Chameleon Shelves called Fireflies.
  7. I’ve got a shelf in my room dedicated to endangered animals.
  8. I’ve got a guinea pig named Sprout who got scurvy because I had no clue you were supposed to give them vegetables every day,
  9. I’ve had two peanut allergic reactions. Both were horrible but the second was the worst because I knew I was having a reaction.
  10. I want to go to Caltech or MIT for college, probably Caltech because it’s in California.
  11. As much as I draw them, I don’t actually have a cat. I’ve got a dog that’s acts like one, so I figure that’s close enough,
  12. My love of Fritos is obviously undying.
  13. My favorite book is by far either Hour of the Bees, The Boy in Striped Pajamas, After Zero, or Pax.
  14. My favorite movie is Clue or Tootsie, they’re both classics and I love them.
  15. I fidget a ton, so I’ve got all these things to keep my hands busy.
  16. I play Meadow by Might and Delight, and I got the eagle about a few months ago. So I’ve got all the skins and animals, plus emotes, actions, FX, and more.
  17. I know some of these were random trash, but whatever.

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