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Are you such a Pokemon fan that you know all about these terrific and powerful Pocket Monsters? Well, think again! Take this test to learn some interesting facts that you may not have known before!

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Created by: Rock_N_Roll24

  1. Did you know that Pokemon was actually inspired by insect collecting?
  2. The first four Pokemon regions were based out of real places in Japan!
  3. "Pokemon" is not a Japanese word, but rather a combination of the two English words "pocket" and "monster."
  4. Did you know that in 2008, Japanese scientists discovered a protein and named it "Pikachurin" because it worked very well with electricity? How original!
  5. I bet you didn't know this one: There is a rare Pikachu card that costs nearly $1,000,000!
  6. After 14 regions, Ash Ketchum, main trainer, has always stayed the same age... 10 years.
  7. 721 Pokemon are/were made by 2016, and still counting.
  8. Pokemon, as you may know, was originally made in Japan. Now, the little Pocket Monsters are known all around the world!
  9. Most Pokemon are based off of real creatures, such as Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Drowsy.
  10. That's all! (For now!) Rate and/or comment?

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